Monday, April 16, 2012

home {again}

for the second weekend in a row, i flew home. 
and it was bliss.
bliss because i got to see my dad accept an award for his work with my old youth orchestra,
bliss because, as much as i love my life in new york, every day i think about how much better it would be if i could see my family without having to get on a plane.
every weekend i could do exactly what i did this weekend...
i could have lazy mornings in the kitchen reading cookbooks while mum makes crepes,
we could make chocolate rugelach whenever we please,
pops and i could take zumba classes {and i would die watching him}.
stoop and i could curl our hairs while we sip mimosas,
and i'd sit with mia while she practiced the piano.
{this weekend. oh it was perfect.}


Marlena said...

that sounds like a sweet weekend. i'm planning to move from Chicago to Portland soon and I'm worried I'll miss my family just as much as you do :(

nancy said...

:) sounds like a great one.

Lottie said...

Sounds like an the perfect family weekend.

I miss my family too sometimes but then when I spent a long time there they drove me mad--so now I am just floating around in the middle somewhere.

and that chocolate rugelach looks amazing!

becca said...

so, so pretty! you look wonderful and happy and healthy these days.
going home is good for you!

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