Friday, April 13, 2012

interview: audrey bananarama

meet audrey, my niece dog. 
stoopie and johnswik acquired her some months back and since then i haven't seen stoopie without her.
{this is the girl that didn't like dogs until audrey came around.}
audrey is pretty magical. she likes typical dog things, is very ladylike, and has rathercomplex feelings.
thankfully, stoopie served as an excellent translator for this interview:
my name is yeh: welcome, audrey!
audrey: oh, thank you! i'm a little bit nervous. this is my first interview since the surgery.
m: oh, no worries on that. just relax. let's begin with some politics... who are you going to vote for?
a: oprah
m: what's your favorite toy?
a: my squishy pear
m: what's your favorite way to dine?
a: al fresco
m: tell us about your love life.
a: daddy says i'm too young to date.
m: what do you want to be when you grow up?
a: a visual merchandiser for saks.
m: what are your favorite television programs?
a: law and order svu, 2 stupid dogs, and anything that has to do with fashion.
m: where is your bellybutton? 
a: i have six of them.
m: excellent. thanks, niece.
a: thank you very much, aunt molly!



Lottie said...

I love audrey bananaram's name--that is one cool dog right there.

becca said...

such style and attitude!

audrey's got it going on big time!

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Great exchange. Thanks for sharing.

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