Monday, April 2, 2012

sunday salmon

there is no such thing as someone who lives on the upper west side and doesn't go to barney greengrass on at least a semi-regular basis. it would be like someone who lives on the north shore and doesn't go to walker brothers {for you chicago suburb people who don't have an aunt that overnights the highly anticipated barney greengrass care package on a swell occasion}. 
and what better way to fill this requirement than with two of my chicago percussion lovelies, becca and stef?
over everything bagels and nova and whitefish, we talked shop and school
and then finished it all off with black and white cookies.
{i am convinced that barney greengrass has the best black and white cookies in the city.}
it was the loveliest and perfectest way to begin a sunday.


Marlena said...

That sounds like a lovely Sunday- mine was spent watching Game of Thrones and Mad Men (so equally as cool as yours haha). I'm from Chicago and I've never popped over there- I smell a weekend adventure!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, that sure reminds me of my dad, (uncle Murray).... he LOVED Barney's & he would go just about every Sunday morning (sometimes Terri & I would join him). Sunday brunch was the BEST! Yummmm I can almost taste it....thank you for the memory. And now you get to carry it on....sweet......Enjoy

Lottie said...

It all looks so good especially those cookies. I know feel that when I visited NY I missed out--will have to go back to try this place out.

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