Tuesday, April 24, 2012

these days

it is warm enough for outside pizza nights.
a new dinner table, which was christened with yummies from kashkaval, 
makes me smile so hard that i think my face will fall off.
i have been enjoying ramps, salmon rillettes, and serial music with this human.
grom is the best medication for my poor sore throat.
...an almond cookie candle, edith piaf, and the occasional bit of poetry plopped in my inbox 
make the world go round.



Lottie said...

That pizza makes me hungry--I NEED pizza!

Mackenzie said...

edith piaf is my HOMEGIRL. and that from (?) looks like it could cure a soul if needed.

kim said...

Hope you're feeling better by now. What were the mezzes from Kashaval? I've yet to try it out! :*(

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