Monday, May 21, 2012

a few last thoughts as a 22-year-old

tonight i am ringing in my birthday with a few almond candles, a glass of amaretto, and a corn dog. das lied is playing as a prelude to the annual adagietto. fratres played all day. 
i am rather excited to close out 22, tie a nice little bow on it, and store it in the bank as one of my better, sillier, funner years. this whole not being in school thing is really fantastic. i feel a little bit like a geezer, a little bit amaretto-y. let me tell you the things i think i learned during my year of being 22:
{1} a croissant or six is totally ok if you're pms-ing. and totally ok if you're not pms-ing.
{2} when in doubt, clean your room, cook something, or go on a bike ride. do not be still.
{3} a midnight nacho-eating-molly is a happy molly, so is a molly who bikes 25 miles in a day.
{4} trader joe's corn dogs and kimchi fried rice are dirty good.
{5} hong kong is the love of my life. 
{6} so is a well-roasted brussels sprout.
{7} the difference between i wanna go, i should go, i'll feel like butt if i go, i'll feel great if i go. 
{8} the art of vibe. {actually i'm still working on this one.}
{9} that it's ok to be unsure about nearly everything. what am i saying, i'm still working on this one too.
perhaps 23-year-old molly will learn how to: not bite nails, make choices more easily, and prepare a mean soufflĂ©. perhaps she'll get a tattoo piercing, perhaps she'll love mushrooms. 
it's nearly adagietto time.
goodnight, my wonderful, brilliant, beautiful friends. see you on the other side!


Sofia Every said...

Love this post. And yes to cleaning, cooking and riding- absolutely. Brilliant

Amanda said...

Happy birthday to you! May 22nd must be a special date, it's my daughters first birthday tomorrow :) beautiful and honest post about life, especially the part about croissants!

xo, Amanda

bethani said...

happy birthday!!!! im almost 28 and still working on that biting nails thing. no harm no foul i say.

Brooklyn said...

Happy Birthday Molly! I'll be 30 next year (ew) and still biting my nails so good luck with that one :) PS - since finding your blog, I've gone back and started at the beginning - love it! It's been a great past time at work too.

Alice said...

Happy belated birthday! So weird, but I think I saw you and a friend on the street today. Manhattan is a very small world.

Mackenzie said...

yes this is perfect. brussels sprouts and bike rides do a happy lady make. happy birthday, sassy lady!

alliespence. said...

you seem... HILARIOUS. you blog is wonderful. good things to learn at 22! happy figuring life out! ;)

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