Wednesday, May 30, 2012

removing magnetic poetry from my fridge, bite me.

slash: things i'd rather be doing right now.
 eating strawberry rhubarb pie in a field with rob.
 preparing little cheese plates for my friends.
 playing marimbas in the woods with mike.
 engaging in friday night pizza night, by way of grandaisy.
 dancing until dawn in a tent on a farm.
 being, just, way too cool.
 getting a birdie flock tattoo.
 making self timer pictures on the williamsburg bridge with jason while he wears grandpa shorts.
instead i am taking a huevo torta//#whatshouldwecallme conservatory break from packing my entire apartment. packing is the worst. i'd rather eat a banana. mark my word, i'm never moving again unless it involves telepathically transporting my cotton candy machine, multiple fondue pots, and antique pyrex collection. and girl, i haven't even started on the mustards. the horror. luckily the radical face internet radio station is delivering exactly what i want. 
unluckily, i think it's time to carry on packing.


Dree said...

Loving your tattoo! So amazing! Good luck with the packing!

Tania said...

Oh how I can relate! I'm in the process of packing 3 years of my life into boxes. What a bore. I wish I had a magical packing fairy...


Brooklyn said...

awesome tattoo and photos! i could use that pie and cheese plate right now.

Lottie said...

Having move far too many times i know your pain--make sure you take a break to and get something great to eat.

Mackenzie said...

dancing in tents? and ownership of those awesome sunglasses?! you are living the life, girlyface.

Marlena said...

haha this was adorable. but seriously, when i moved into the city i threw out half of my crap just so i wouldnt have to pack it. i'd squat in my little studio for a decade if i could.

Charlotte said...

The title of this post is the exact reason why the magnetic poetry never went back up on my fridge. Pain in my kiester, I tell ya! Good luck!

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