Tuesday, May 1, 2012

yankees vs. tigers

a tiger in a sea of yankees.
rob + hye jin
me + creepyman
the real reason we go to baseball games.
amiright that one of the greatest culinary delights in this country
is a hot dog at a baseball game?
i look forward to this course every year.
and where else can you have a hot dog with a side of another hot dog
and nachos and an entire bag of cracker jacks accompanying six beers?
nevermind almost barfing during the seventh inning stretch.


Marlena said...

haha your posts always crack me up, "me + creepyman". i've actually never been to a baseball game! someone revoke my citizenship.

Luke said...

Molly, I'm afraid you missed out on my favorite part: the Giant Bag of Peanuts! The best part is tossing the shells wherever they happen to go. Last time I went to a Mets game we had a three row peanut shell fight.

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