Sunday, June 24, 2012

dubuque, between rests

1. dubuque does not look like this, this shot was taken en route from illinois because i have a thing for silos. dubuque is hilly and gorgeous and filled with cows. it is perfect for a really difficult run that prepares you for the amount of cheese in the average iowa partygoer diet; it is perfect for discovering a patch of ambition, dreaming up projects. the type of thing that city streets with honky taxis does not foster. 
2. & 3. host mum: molly, what do you like to eat?
me: anything but bananas, mushrooms, and seafood. i particularly love sampling local specialties.
host mum: oh, you know what you must try?
me: what must i try??
my head: local asparagus? corn? perhaps a pig from the farm down the road??
host mum: taco pizza from happy joe's!
so i ate the taco pizza. i enjoyed the taco pizza. i would totally eat again, that taco pizza. it is the answer to those times when i am eating a taco but am craving something doughy. taco stuff on pizza dough, get at that, rick bayless. 
4. {left} & 6. another dubuque specialty, mario's panzerotti. essentially a deep fried calzone. yummy, but easter island face inducing when i consider my poor tummy in the aftermath. 
4. {right} iowa people are boozy people in the best possible way. i began my days with whiskey in my coffee, ended them with all kinds of bubbly.
5. i caught a firefly on the summer solstice. 
7. so much talent, about to eat so much taco pizza.


Amanda said...

i cannot get over this post molly! i am from iowa and have TONS of family from dubuque. we are huge and i mean huge lovers of taco pizza over here. what an amazing creation. thank you for bringing a smile to my face on this sunday night :)

xo, amanda

Brooklyn said...

that's it, i'm making a taco pizza for dinner this week. this dubuque place...they really know what's up, ha!

Katie said...

oh lord this post. I'm so hungry now. Taco Pizza is one of my favorite things.

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