Tuesday, June 26, 2012

midsummer manifesto

cat call to your daddy
sip beer from a straw
order whatever you want to bring us
wait hours for a hot dog that is topped with foie gras
stick your finger in your nose
the finger with the brand new rock on it*
eat seconds and thirds of the grilled pineapple
read the book you think makes you look sophisticated
leave the concert early to watch five episodes of girls
sneak into the jelly fish exhibit 
remove your elbows from the table
apply hot pink lipgloss
embrace grayscale
f punctuation in the a

*stoop got engaged

chicago summer::::that is a wrap


Lottie said...

Congratulations to Stoop!

Sounds like a pretty good summer to me.

Feifei said...

So much fun! A million congrats to your sis! Let's go eat like that again! Nomnomnom =)

Katie said...

Congratulations to your sister! You take such awesome photos.

Charlotte said...

yaaaay Stoop! hurrah hurrah!

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