Friday, June 8, 2012

pie, mum

yesterday i woke up to the kitchen covered in little crumbly doughy pieces and onions flying everywhere. in the middle of it stood mum with the look on her face that george gershwin gets when he gets to go in the car. she was so excited because for the first time in her life she realized that making homemade pie crust is in fact not too difficult and way better than pillsbury. all you do is you crumble up butter and flour and blah blah blah pie crust yum!! i immediately went to work out in anticipation for what was about to come out of the oven. when i returned, the house smelled like passover {in the good, matzoh ball soup way} and there was a stunning lancashire cheese-and-onion pie sitting on the counter and together mum and i tore it apart. 


Ági said...

Wow! i HAVE TO try this. i LOVE onions. the thing i maybe love more is your blog! just looking at your photos i'm falling in love with simple daily life and appreciate it much more. thanks a lot! :)
i may start my own one day. of course with my own photos and memories :)
oh, and it's so good to see that other people have obsessions, too. i could not live without cukkini (its in hungarian. how do they write it in english? i dunno.) which is not something to be collected, but from now on im gonna be proud of this fact and not hide it. thanks a lot, again!
have a nice *simple, but special* everyday life! :)
greetings from hungary,
Ági =)

Brooklyn said...

ohh yumface! look at that pie crust! growing up, my mom was doing good if the mac and cheese didn't stick to the bottom of the pan, ha! have a great weekend! (i'm still drooling over this onion cheese situation!!)

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