Monday, June 11, 2012

pizza & prosecco

the tradeoff of not being within a bike ride's distance of kesté and forcella is that i have the space to throw little backyard friday night pizza parties! and during a month when everything should be done outside, grilling pizza makes pizza night all the more sexy.

the menu:
{pineapple + jalapeño + mozzarella + black pepper + tomato}
{squash + ricotta + caramelized onion + arugula}
{mozzarella + tomato + fresh basil + garlic}

...all smokey, slightly burnt, and just perfect to share with friendsies.
oh and we can't forget dessert: frozen greek yogurt, mixed berries, and a slice of cookie cake.



Tania said...

Oh yummy! what a great idea. It looks so pretty and colourful! perfect summer evening :) x

sara said...

i've been begging my mom to grill pizza with me for the last few weeks! she was set that it wouldn't work. ha! i will show her that it can. sounds like a perfect summer night!

Brooklyn said...

those look like grilled pizza perfection! it's 8:30 am and I want pizza. NOW! :)

Amanda said...

i love the idea of making your own personal pizza and then grilling it! may i ask what kind of dough you used for the crust or how you made it??


xo, amanda

nancy said...

this looks amazing! is there anything better than homemade pizza?

Lottie said...

How I wish I had had this meal and had a garden to attempt this in myself.

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