Wednesday, July 25, 2012


and how i was a jelly donut!
{1} horsies!!!!
{2} a sugar brezel at brezel company berlin
{3} holocaust memorial
{4} carmen
{5} tiergarten
{6} about to eat an opera intermission brezel
{7} princess cake at albrechts patisserie
{8} maybe that's an ufer?

i don't mean to be all been there done that when it comes to the touristy things in berlin, but in all honesty, i really did been there done a lot of that when i went to berlin with my daddy years ago. which opened up the opportunity for me to err on the side of living like a local on this visit, and i bought the salmon-colored blazer to prove it. my diet was split between eating things you simply must eat when you are in berlin {brezeln, meaty things, döner, currywurst, und so weiter} and berlin-y versions of things i always eat {following suit with falafel mondays, bagels sundays, pizza fridays, fro-yo every days}. i biked it all off on my rented makeshift molly mobile through the tiergarten and the volkspark friedrichshain and along a bunch of things called ufers. when the time was right, i'd have an afternoon coffee and cake and read night circus or write down observations. i spent quality time with superfriend hammer, attended some operas, and botched allllll the german i learned in high school. oh it what fun berlin is! 


Meredith said...

Looks like you had a great time- Berlin is such a great city!!!

Matthew said...

man look at the gut on that guy

Mackenzie said...

oh my garsh. you are living my dream, molly. brezel und kuchen und brandenburger for. mein gott.

Brooklyn said...

ah, take me with you next time! :)

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Awesome, awesome pics! Looks like a fantastic trip.

Jessica W said...

Berlin sounds (and looks) like heaven...
I want to go!!!

The Lovelorn

kim said...

I was just there two months ago! Did you get the pig knuckle? :)
Loooove German bread.

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