Wednesday, July 4, 2012

breakfast in berlin

hammer eats stinky cheese on a roll,
i eat marzipan poppyseed yogurt with muesli + a blueberry bun + watermelon

my life for the past few days in berlin has been very similar to my life in new york. i bike everywhere, i run through the park, i hang out with percussionists, i spend an unhealthy amount of time at the grocery store. every so often little differences like the bikers on the sidewalk, the butter on the sandwiches, the pistachio cream as a topping option at their pinkberry equivalent, and the extra bit of time spent waiting at a restaurant remind me that i am not in new york and no, i may not jaywalk.

additionally, marzipan poppyseed yogurt just blew my mind. 


1 comment:

Lottie said...

that yoghurt just blew my mind too--i bet it is so good!

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