Monday, August 6, 2012


the thing with spending just shy of five hours in a country is that your tolerance for embarrassment is a bit on the high side. as in, who cares if you fancy eating an eccles cake in the style of a monster? you're leaving the country soon! which is exactly what i did at the brussels train station in waiting for my train to amsterdam. i covered myself in eccles cake crumbs before practicing bench top food styling, took a lot of pictures of my new shoes, made friends with the male nurse who was returning home to rotterdam from a weekend spent swimming in salt water pools with his girlfriend who studies science in brussels... also at one point i gazed into the eyes of one liege waffle that sat in the vending machine wanting so badly for me to eat it. molly, you must eat a belgian waffle in belgium, you must. alas, homegirl only had pounds and no euros.


Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

I'm SO enjoying traveling along with you via pics and narrative. And belgian waffles in a vending machine is kind of near heavenly.

hannah margaret said...

What a great post. Your voice is so distinct and wonderful. Those photographs make me homesick for travel. Great work. xoxo, hm

rach. said...

lovely post, and lovely blog girl!

love, rach.

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