Thursday, August 23, 2012

happy beans

{from the governor's island 20s party. some people didn't get the memo to dress-up.}

yesterday i inched closer to coming to terms with the fact that many of my close friends are soon moving or have recently moved away from the city. and that brooklyn is quite far from many of those that are left. it was a sad day and there were lots of frowns. 

so today i will begin the day with a happy list.

1. the dharma at big sur
2. perhaps a matzoh taste test party is in my future
3. through the grapevine i heard: "i just want to eat cake and eggs with molly yeh, you know?" yes. i will absolutely eat cake and eggs with you.
4. tomato season
5. an opera i am very much looking forward to performing this fall is on this list, right above a concert that my pops is playing.
6. very special people will be visiting town this weekend!
7. donny gave me a muffin tin and i intend to soon make lemon poppyseed muffins. 
8. bike rides
9. my new heroes of the torah drinking glasses
10. lost in the trees garden
11. butter dish shopping



Marlen said...

number three made me mentally go "aww" and number 11 is so specific that it's hilarious haha. that stinks with your friends moving away- i'm gonna do that soon to everyone and i'm not prepared for all the frowns and sad sighs

Luke said...

:( The bright side is that soon enough your friends who are leaving can be #6s too!

veraspop-upworld said...

you look so optimistic on that photo! love it :)

check me out on:

Mackenzie said...

YES TO POPPY SEEDS! one more week until i can break out my loaf pan myself. it will be a momentous day. and bike rides are the cure for most ills, amiright?

Silvia said...

Hi Molly! When I read this yesterday I was attempting to get a chocolate cake through airport security and many states. I'm very committed to cake! And eggs!

See you in October :D

sue. said...

interesting happy list ;)

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