Wednesday, August 15, 2012

outside amsterdam

in about the time it would take to bike from harlem to park slope, rob and i biked from amsterdam to a little windmill village, zaanse schans. what a cute little place! like the real life version of it's a small world, only better because zaanse schans has a windmill that makes mustard. {see the excitement in the fourth photo?} immediately when i saw it my dream to have a backyard chicken coop and tree house transformed into a dream to have a backyard mustard windmill. who needs anything else when you have a mustard windmill. 
such magic.
rob and i really couldn't get enough of the whole countryside thing, so a few days later we took a little tour to edam-volendam and ate pancakes by the water and learned how wooden shoes are made. what do you think the chances are of wooden shoes becoming super trendy? should we make it happen?


Brooklyn said...

stop it!! i need to visit this town! wooden shoes, i'm on it!

Lottie said...

wooden shoes would so take off!

and a windmill that makes mustard--not that is the dream!

Marlen said...

how you manage to find all these mustard related things is beyond me haha, love that picture of you! and it looks so prettyyyy, post more!

Mackenzie said...

you had me at "mustard windmill". moving to amsterdam ASAP.

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