Tuesday, October 23, 2012


a lobster roll,
a bánh mì truck,
a scotch egg/potsticker lovechild.
a guitar,
a song,
my wildest dreams in pocky. 
dollhouse playing,
secret telling,
cocktails lit on fire.
the kyle,
the micah,
the zaftigs monte cristo.
in one of my favorite places of all,
with some of my favorite people of all,
in boston, we had a ball!


Marlen said...

hahah awesome rhyme at the end there. you take such fun pictures! you have a knack for catching creative angles :)

Brooklyn said...

looks like fun! we almost moved to boston and from these photos, maybe we should have :)

Mackenzie said...

YESSSSSS! you ate at all the best places and did all the best boston things. you did my city proud. i am impressed.

Katie said...

looks awesome! Molls(can I call you that), you are so darn cute. Stop it.

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