Wednesday, October 31, 2012

cheering up the neighborhood

holy buckets, i am lucky.

my entire neighborhood survived sandy with just a few fallen trees and leaves. no power outages, no flooding. everybody is safe. 

stoop's flight has been delayed a million thousand times, which means more culinary creations for me. additionally, her and i are now gilmore girls scholars.

yesterday we ventured out to survey the damage and support local restaurants. we also took our customary two stoops on a stoop photo, only all of the stoops were wet so it was actually a two stoops on the van leeuwen bench photo.



Hannah Margaret Allen said...

these photos are wonderful in color. i know you're extremely thankful to be safe and with power! your friends look like such fun.

Lottie Simm said...

glad you are safe and managed to keep power and everything.

and i am a gilmore girls scholar too and proud of it :)

Camilla Salem said...

gosh i can't believe all the footage.

also, your photography is really doin' it for me. so good!

glad you're okay.

Jacki said...

It feels a little wrong to love these pictures as much as I do, what with the hurricane and all, but you captured them beautifully!

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