Tuesday, October 16, 2012

happy birthday, mum!

more and more i'm having those omg i'm turning into my mother moments.
like this weekend when nobody was allowed to leave my apartment hungry.
how just about every loaf of bread must be homemade,
and how nearly every condiment must be served in a ramekin.
the large amount of energy i expent this week on thinking about my hair,
the way that i'm slowly becoming intolerant of crowded spaces and long lines.

in preparing for the b.y.o.p. party on sunday, i must have said a hundred mum-isms:
let's wait to bake the bread until right before guests arrive so the house smells nice,
do we have enough donuts?
do we have enough whoopie pies?
please. take some pumpkin bread to go with you. do you have snacks for the plane tomorrow? take this, you're going to get hungry.

soon it's going to be,
do i have roots? 
has anyone seen my glasses? {when they're on my head.}

and you know what?? i'm ecstatic about all of this turning-into-mum business. because she's the bomb and she is wonderful in the goofiest funniest hilarious way. in the way that i can talk to her about anything and in the way that when she comes to visit she often brings an entire suitcase filled with homemade rugelach and pumpkin bread.

and today she turns one year older! which is a secret number, although if i told you you'd be like damn she looks younger than that.

happy birthday, mum!!!!!!




Anonymous said...

Lucky you and lucky mom to have such an appreciative daughter.

Lottie Simm said...

your mum sounds like a great mum so no wonder you are happy about turning into her.

i keep catching myself saying things my mum says...it is only amatter of time until we are like twins :)

Dana said...

Whether we want to or not we all end up becoming a little bit of our parents.

Anonymous said...

Seriously....this entry in your blog is the best birthday gifty you could give.....here's to becoming JO.

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