Monday, October 22, 2012

this is me.

that's not entirely true.

this is me when i've had time to think about makeup* and spend an embarrassing amount of energy curling my hair. and i'm wearing my new glasses and my current favorite sweater. {part of this event is called convincing mum to let me get a perm and that purchasing these glasses was not an irresponsible idea because look at how happy these material things are making me.}

so in other words, this is me on a really good day conducting a social experiment called "trying to understand how there are people in the world who post photos on the internet of themselves every day without getting sheepish."

*while i have my fashion blogger pants on right now, and since no shame november is right around the corner, i will take this opportunity to tell you that i am newly in love with what is on my lips in the above photo: clinique's almost lipstick in flirty honey. i am obsessed. so go to the mall and buy stuff.

and to balance out this out-of-character bit on hair and makeup, i will now direct you back to my comfort zone of contemporary vocal music: roomful of teeth. their entire album is streaming for the week. listen, it is shocking. 



Karen said...

this is a really beautiful photo of you, molly! no shame indeed. you're looking great.

Lottie Simm said...

you look great. and those glasses were definitely not an irresponsible purchase.

Marlen said...

haha i'm right there with you about the hair curling- it's maddening to do. but if i don't do it, i get crazy cat lady hair. it's just a lose lose situation all around. and i love your new glasses, they're prettyyyy!

sshu said...

don't get a perm

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