Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a late fall playlist

for the soups and the stews,
the evenings spent indoors,
the thanksgiving treks,
and the start of marzipan season:
a little mix of my new favorites.

{overexposed soup}
best enjoyed by candlelight.

{1} i saw three ships :: sufjan stevens
{2} i should watch t.v. :: david byrne & st. vincent
{3} train song :: feist & ben gibbard
{4} courante :: caroline shaw/roomful of teeth
{5} city middle :: the national
{6} holy, holy, holy :: sufjan stevens
{7} conversation 16 :: the national
{8} you're an angel, and i'm gonna cry :: chris thile
{9} escape :: judd greenstein/nadia sirota
{10} ansa ya :: merrill garbus/roomful of teeth
{11} ice age :: david byrne & st. vincent
{12} where are the arms :: gabriel kahane

you may listen to it here.



1 comment:

Hannah Margaret Allen said...

THAT SOUP. What, how and yes.

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