Tuesday, January 31, 2012

interview: evan shinners

there are three types of people that wear sunglasses inside:
blind people, assholes, and evan shinners.
at sunrise you may find him reading rameau and drinking whisky,
and he once climbed inside of a piano to play beethoven backwards at the moma. his album, @bach, was released last month. 
mniy: if thelonious monk and j.s. bach arrived for brunch on sunday morning, what would you cook for them?
es: i'd encourage them to drink raw eggs and stand on their heads while i sang to them katy perry.
what was the last food you dreamt about?
i had a dream about ray charles appetizers. i tweeted about it actually. we had different singers for lunch, including van morrison dim sum.
what is in your ideal reception spread?
different types of pu-er teas, preferably from 1985-1998, to wash down caviar-- mostly black or taiwanese.
if the reception spread sucks, what do you eat after a concert?
i usually waltz with the loal girls and drink japanese whisky alone in my hotel rooms.
thank you, evan!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


{lately i've been...}
über excited for valentine's day.
really into black + white stripes and tweed skirts, but not together.
reading that big ass murakami book.
trying to figure out a way not to look pretentious carrying around that big ass murakami book since it doesn't fit in my bag.
shuttling back and forth between lincoln center and times square
getting a bit plump. 
 coughing, coughing. still.
listening to the music i listened to in 2007.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


today i feel like a blob.
a headachey, coughy, throat-hurty blob.
and it is so pooey. 
i stayed home from rehearsal and schnitzel lunch and work,
and sat in bed and ate salami sandwiches
and looked at things on the computer.
i wished i could go outside and play,
and maybe go see antony and the johnsons play at radio city.
but i don't think i will do that...
because i feel like a blob.
-yeh :-/

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the chicken egg.

 for weeks i lived off eggs prepared in various ways.
it was the most energetic few weeks of my life,
signaled in part by how great my long runs were. yeah!
would you vote that it is possible to eat a different egg dish
 every day of the year?
i would. maybe even for two years.
anywho, i narrowed the possibilities down to four and wrote recipes for them, 
as well as a narrative on my relationship 
with the egg, and they are now published in the wildly beautiful
winter issue of
so go get your protein on!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

happy new year!!

"happy lunar new year, erryone!"
says one half of me.
the other half celebrated back in september,
and currently my two halves are battling over which new year was tastier.
oh is it close!
because we're basically talking apple donuts vs. dark chocolate sesame balls,
and pumpkin ice cream vs. orange black sesame ice cream.
alls i know is, i am on dumpling hangover after an amazing chinese new year party last night.
{quoth the invitation, "100+ dumplings"}
there were big dumplings and bigger dumplings and gooey ones and
sweet ones... there were ones i had never had before, and ones that got deformed, so by default we deep fried them.
oh it was great!
my favorite non-edible part was the company,
and how everyone had a dslr glued to their face.
it was camera dumpling shoptalk everywhere and i am unashamed to say i loved it.
p.s. who else is super excited that it's dragon year? i would totally have a pet dragon if i was a mermaid.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

note to self

dear molly-of-two-days-ago:
if you don't stay in and nurse that nasty cough back to health,
and order the cheap wine to accompany your fried pizza,
and then proceed to accidentally stay out until the morning time
playing bocce ball in brooklyn with rob,
and then make a little stop in times square on the way home 
during a snow storm,
you will wake up the next morning with a full blown nasty cold.
and you will be forced to take shot after shot of dayquil,
chased by about four different batches of matzo ball soup.
 you'll also be forced to stay in and make peanut butter sandwich cookies 
{using the treats truck recipe}
and you will be coughing coughing all through sunday football.
and guess what!
it will all be worth it and your friends will take care of you
and, yes, a complete stranger will give you a high five 
because he thinks you're pretty.
in two days you will be tired and you will have a hurty throat,
but you'll have a fun little grin on your face because this weekend
was magnificent!

Friday, January 20, 2012

if i had a dollar

if i had a dollar and a piece of sushi for every time i coughed in the past 24 hours, i would be rich with an apartment full of contaminated sushi. 
this red velvet tea isn't doing its job. i think i'm going to have to bring out the big guns today in the form of halls. ohhh sad coughing panda.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

interview: kyle brightwell

some time during 2008, kyle discovered that if ever i was mad at him {which happened quite a bit}, he could compliment me on my hair and everything would be fine. he got away with stealing a lot of cymbals from my setups that way. regardless of that, he is one of my favorite humans, and i am so proud of him because as of last week, he is part of the boston symphony orchestra! 
here is a little interview with him:

what was the first thing you ate after you won the bso audition?
  mcdonald's, 6am. only thing vegetarian-friendly was a hash brown. regretted it immediately.

did you ever feel like you were going to vom during the audition?
almost constantly.
malletech browns or innovative rusts or the american drum convertabell mallets?
oh you're just asking for it with this one. i strongly endorse all american drum crotale related products.

if you could choose any processed cheese product, such as kraft singles or ez cheese, to be endorsed by, which would you choose?
never had a thing for processed cheese. however, i am desperate to be endorsed by the forever lazy {available by calling 877-291-8657, or visit https://www.orderforeverlazy.com/, or at all bed bath & beyonds}. pelase check out the dope infomercial as well. mckay and i used these to sleep/practice in for audition prep. we think there is something magic in that made-in-china fleece-wear.

 using three words, describe how you felt after that juice cleanse you did in july.
i'd like to make this funny, but honestly, that experience was the best.  accomplished, whole, zen.

who was the best cook in the juilliard percussion department when you were here?
aww molly wants a shoutout.  who else??  the incomparable YEH.

thanks, kyky!!!


{photo by kevin wong}

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

homemade sno-balls

my favorite thing to do when i'm at a bodega waiting for my friends to make a beer selection is waddle on over to the hostess/tastykake shelf and give a little squeeze to the sno-balls. a little pillsbury-esque giggle is usually the sound effect i make for this action. as a texture obsessor, the hostess sno-ball has got to be the most texturally pleasing object i've ever met. maybe this lends insight as to why boys like boobies so much? idk.
when sno-balls appeared on my chrismukkuh list mum was kind enough to buy me some, which is when i realized how terrible they actually taste. the cake is dry like sand and there is only a pea-sized amount of frosting on the inside. no wonder hostess is bankrupt. but the idea is spot on: sugar inside of sugar inside of sugar coated in sugar? HELL YEAH. so i made my own and they were outstandingly messy but delicious and just as fun to smash as the store-bought kind. so if you're feeling nostalgic and also gastronomic {and if you have butt loads of time and your cleaning service is coming tomorrow} make these! 
step one: the cake
make a batch of chocolate cupcakes using magnolia's recipe.
let them cool,
and then trim around each cupcake, removing about a quarter inch from the circumference.
set aside.
step two: the marshmallow
make a batch of marshmallows using alton brown's recipe,
but instead of greasing and dusting a rectangular pan,
grease and dust a cupcake pan, and add a cup of shredded coconut to the dusting mixture {powdered sugar + cornstarch}.
once you're done whipping the marshmallow, work quickly and fill the cupcake pan half way, and then press a cake into each cup so that the marshmallow rises around the cake {do this one at a time so the marshmallow doesn't set before you get the cake in}.
step three: the frosting
make half a batch of vanilla butter cream frosting using magnolia's recipe,
put it in a piping bag,
and then fill those puppies up while they're still in the cupcake pan.

step four: flip over the pan and enjoy!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012


i took a little vacay to boston this weekend with joanna.
i know, who the eff would want to go to boston in january?
let me rephrase that:
who wouldn't want to see their friend play cimbalom with the bso, sip on the best fig cocktail in the world, purchase some fabulous dresses on newbury street, have an amazing dinner at oleana* {complete with a chocolate tahini tart and halvah ice cream}, gorge on pancakes and linguica with two of the sweetest people on earth, and run into the first dude i ever went on a date with?
my hands are still thawing,
but holy smokes was it worth it.
i love boston. i'd love it more if it were tropical,
but oh is it loverly!

*a thousand zillion thanks to jess for this recommendation 

Friday, January 13, 2012


there were so many opportunities for the waitstaff at zenkichi to make me feel like a bimbo. like, when i put my limited japanese vocabulary to use {i can say hello and thank you and small lonely object}, and when i asked to substitute the mushroom thing on the vegetarian omakase for a chicken thing. i would have made me feel like a bimbo. but instead, the waitpeople were outstandingly accommodating and lovely and every one of my midwestern-twanged arigatos got an excited don'ttouchmymustache in response. 
i was in love even before i got the house made tofu and super sweet yummy sake. 
and potato mochi donuts. that came with just enough spicy mayo.
and the most classy onigiri i ever had.
and...frozen black sesame mousse!!!!! it was so good it deserved italics.
 this meal was such a delight.
i mean, just look at how delighted i look.
and then when you factor in the private little coops that are equipped with little bells that ring the waitress, 
the possibilities to use the garnish to give yourself bunny ears without being embarrassed in front of strangers are endless.
this is the kind of place i'd want to have my birthday party at.

zenkichi is in williamsburg on north 6th and wythe. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


one day my little herb pots will morph into a balcony greenhouse,
which then might become a rooftop garden.
i'll have little cherry tomatoes and perhaps a carrot...
maybe some kale, which i'd make into chips.
after that i think i'll acquire a farm with a cow.
my farm will make potatos and my cow will produce
the best ricotta in all the land. it will be a perfect farm
for ricotta gnocchi. if the cow allows, i'll build a mustard
yellow chicken coup and fill it with chickens that all have names
that begin with "n." nina, nathan, nora, nabulung.
all of my farm friends will come over for dinner every night,
and we'll have a feast of everything that was picked that day.
it will be so tasty!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

homemade nutter butters.

about that new year's resolution with the cookies:
i've been failing gloriously and i love it!
my biggest failure success yet has been 
homemade nutter butters!
peanut butter and i have this special relationship
because for the longest time i couldn't have it since
mum is allergic.
{it is kind of like jack and rose from
the titanic, except jack is peanut butter}
so now that i don't live at home anymore,
i do just about everything with mr. pb. 
for these off-the-hook/unbelievable/light & fluffy sammich cookies
i used bouchon bakery's recipe. and i quartered the recipe because
i don't know there is just something about a recipe that calls
for a pound of butter that screams i am not part of a new year's
resolution. i also made them smaller than bouchon's, and there 
were still more than enough for my office mates and the like.
they are extremely delicious and worth every brussel sprout.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


1. can we all take a moment to look at this menu and brainstorm how in the world anyone could have come up with it without being under some sort of influence?
2. center: fries with butter and soy sauce.
a. is this a joke?
b. why didn't anyone come up with this sooner?
c. three weeks of my life were just removed but it was worth it.
3. unlimited wasabi mayo, honey mustard, little pickles, and lotsa other stuff. the thing is, nothing really needed additional condiments because it was all so good on its own. however, wasabi fries dipped in wasabi mayo are a ball!
4. the hot dog i had was the terimayo {teriyaki + mayo + seaweed + onions, pictured at the top of this post}. it was amazing. the bun was thick and doughy, and the dog was big and juicy. i wanted to try all of the different ones that my friends got, but i was unwilling to trade a bite of mine... so i will just have to go back a million gazillion more times.

everybody, go here.
it is a little difficult to say this as a chicagoan, 
but i think japadog is the best hot dog place in the world.


Thursday, January 5, 2012


can we talk about speculoos spread for a second?

and how it is totally the answer to all of life's questions that nutella doesn't address? ok, that's mean. this yummy gingerbready spread isn't the second choice. it is the really awesome exchange student, that unbelievable restaurant that doesn't have a website, your favorite green pants that are just a teensy bit too casual for casual friday. it is spunkily unpretentious, it's probably never had a commercial in the u.s. before {but then again it wouldn't know because it doesn't have a t.v.}, and its texture is so welcoming and smooth.

the fellows at the wafels + dinges truck introduced us about two years ago. at the time i wasn't sold, i don't know why. {maybe i was a judgmental go-with-the-flow butt face}. but in march, when i was in france, i bought a jar of it because i hadn't seen it at any stores in new york-- and it was love at second tasting. then tout à coup it was at whole foods, and gristedes, and now trader joe's. officially, no one has an excuse not to have some.

here are some things i like to do with it:
-put it on bread
-eat it with a spoon or fork
-stir it in greek yogurt
-tell mum to make rugelach with it
-at midnight, turn on gossip girl, and spread it on the entire batch of peanut butter brownies that i'm about to eat.
{learn how to make the above speculoos swirls here}

everyone, screw yr resolutions and buy lotsa speculoos.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ohhh january

it appears that it is january already.
january, the monday of months.
the one with short days, no gift-giving holidays, 
and so many reasons to feel guilty for not going to the gym.
all i want to do is hibernate with mumbles until april...
but i can't,
so instead i'll just look at this ridiculous picture of rob and me
from last spring at sammy's roumanian steak house,
listen to richard goode play brahms,
and bribe myself with a spoonful of speculoos to get out of bed.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

i resolve to...

say hello to my new year's resolutions.
they are not actually that ambitious,
because (a) brussel sprouts are my new fave
and (b) there is in fact a question mark after
"run a half marathon." it is covered by my finger,
and it leaves me unbound to actually running the thing.
but still, i fantasize.

p.s. go see the violet's post with this 
and other contributors' resolutions!

Monday, January 2, 2012


first of all, f.m.l.

here is a pizza at great lake.
the thought of waving down a server to ask
for a paper napkin to blot the absurd amount of grease
gave me anxiety. however the cheese and tomato sauce were
delicious!! but was the two hour wait and that awkward
moment of realizing that it is b.y.o.b. after being seated
better than sitting in my jammies and telephoning lou mal's?
probably not.
better than keste?
i don't think so.
a sit with stoop's doggie, audrey.
a boozy lunch at longman & eagle.
another lunch at urban belly.
{short rib fried rice,
piggy cilantro potstickers,
the best edamame i ever had...}

happy 2012, everyone!
i am back in new york. these photos are from my last
few days in chicago, spent in the city, crashing at
stoopie's. and getting fat!


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