Friday, March 30, 2012

if that lottery winner is me

{and poverty and disease and my parents' mortgage are eliminated}
1. all of you will be invited to brunch and high tea in my cobble hill town home
2. ...and wine and epoisses in my garden in france
3. i'd be a regular at blue hill stone barns
4. juilliard and m.y.a. would never want for a percussion instrument or commission they couldn't have
5. le creuset, le creuset, le creuset
6. a new bakery in the berkshires, you say? ok!
7. hailing a cab after closing out d.b.a. will nary be an issue {lars will drive us}
8. i'll start a music festival, or a mustard shop, or a hybrid of the two
9. hoverboard technology... that'll happen
10. there would be 16 handles on my block, and a croissant delivery man
11. the entertainment at my wedding: punch brothers
12. oh! and i'll have the loveliest chicken coup.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

{recently et}

summer food by way of finishing everything with a little squeeze of lemon.
a birthday dinner at allswell chocolate coconut marzipan cake* made by me, photograph made by donny. i reckon that's good teamwork, eh? 
 sandwich cookies for the upcoming issue of the violet
{above: corn cookie jalapeno jammers}
frozen yogurt a new favorite ritual? taking myself on nightly dates to 16 handles.
the soundtrack punch brothers {including their new song on the hunger games album, dark days} + death cab + feist + a bit of mahler 4


*what happens when the only milk you have for this recipe is coconut milk

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

interview: sam pearce

sam pearce is the handsome horn player of england's premier guns n' roses/madonna/ricky martin cover brass band, oompah brass. he is also my coffee time facebook chat friend {it works out perfectly with the time difference: i wake up early, sam rolls out of bed late and groggy from last night's gig}. there are lots of things that sam talks about that no one else i know talks about, for example, eating the pheasant he just killed. however quirky his brass band is, that is also how quirky his food world is. and i will prove it to you now:
me: do you eat lots of marmite?
marmite is the one thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. and don't believe australians, it is much better than vegemite.
describe the history of english cuisine in ten words or less.
"all the better for the introduction of garlic."
if everyone in oompah brass were a food item, what would they be and why?
nathan {tuba}: a filet steak. top dog, classy, and lean.
patrick {trombone}: a steak pie. quintessentially english, and often to be found at soccer matches.
lucy {trumpet}: probably a pot of beef bourguignon. dark, rich, and very french.
ben {trumpet}: a kangaroo burger, because he's an aussie through-and-through.
me {horn}: probably a langoustine, because i'm happiest in the sea, a bit unusual, and cheaper than a lobster.
what do you eat after a show?
mostly kebabs, of varying quality. and schnitzels.
have you ever eaten animals that you've killed?
yes, and i'm proud. i grew up in the countryside and we often ate pheasant, rabbit, and pigeon that we had got ourselves. you know where it came from and it was free to roam. it's sustainable, cheap, and completely legal.
do the following things exist in england...
bagels: yes, but not to the extent that nyc does! i saw a friend eating one today and i thought it was a bit unusual.
donut burgers: no, but i really wish we did.
girls who wear juicy couture all the time: i have to put my hands up and say i have no idea what that is.
shamrock shakes: i had to wikipedia this, so no but i now wish we did!
food trucks: yes, and they are becoming very popular... my favorite one is the pitt cue co.
what was the most shocking culinary delight that you experienced when you were here for the castleton festival?
the drive-thru taco bell in culpepper, virginia.
spare a recipe?
{mum's leek & potato soup}
1 large potato, chopped into small cubes
2 leeks, topped and tailed
1 small onion
bouillon stock powder
some ground cumin
salt and pepper
a little cream to finish if you like
chop up the onions and the leeks, and let them sweat out until they are translucent, then add the potato cubes and cover with water. add bouillon stock and cumin to taste {probably about a tablespoon of each}, cover, and leave to boil away for about 20-25 minutes until the potatoes are cooked. whiz it all up with a blender, season with salt & cracked black pepper, and add a bit of cream if you like. that's old-skool home comforts right there.

-yeh!! thank you, sam!!

Monday, March 26, 2012


three things i learned yesterday:
1. always trust a genghis barbie
2. greenpoint is in fact not a very long schlep from my hood
3. why don't all vodka shots come with currant syrup and tabasco sauce?
karczma is the type of place where people talk about their deaths,
you know, like, i feel like i could die right now... but that would be ok. one of those places, a last meal earth option, if you will. which is ironic because while you're there, you eat a lot of dead... soooo muuuchhhhh deaddddd. i couldn't even count all the types. but my favorite was definitely the hunter's bacon! it was thicker and meatier and not as smokey as your typical breakfast type. my other favorites were non-meat: the potato pancakes {ohjazz, they were crisptacular and candy-like with the apple sauce.} and the pickle soup {which is fitting for my new obsession with pickles. i'll trade you a pickle for a nickel.} and the aforementioned vodka shot {sweet, boozy, and then literally the best burn ever-- squats ain't got nuthin on it.} 
you'd think one would complete a meal here and want to roll around on the floor and not get up for a week. on the contrary, i woke up and ran the fastest mile of my life. perhaps it was because i was with a veteran of the place who kept telling everyone to pace themselves. it was like, meat coaching. it was great. so great.
worth the trip to that far off land.

jewish sandwiches!

sometimes i cringe at the idea of "best of" lists because they tend to bring lots of hate into the world via the comments section. but when research involves eating bagels and going on adventures, i mean, who can say no??
i had a ton of fun putting this article together on 10 of the best jewish sandwiches in america and i even acquired a piece of ruth reichl original prose for my inbox. go read it!

{pic: mile end smoked meat sandwich, courtesy of mile end}

Sunday, March 25, 2012

the jg bottlekey

{this ad was paid for by future tacos}
i love a good combination gadget: the spork, the swizzle stick, flashlights that also have compasses, donut burgers... so it's no wonder i love the jg bottlekey by jg percussion! it has everything i need to: (1) tighten and loosen my drum heads, (2) open a bottle of ginger ale, and (3) open a bottle of beer for my friends in the practice room. it fits nicely in my pocketbook and it is even engraved with the initials of my favorite surfing, stick-making, taco-eating buddy, mr. jason ginter. {see his interview here.} if you're a drummer and you like drinking things out of bottles and you like saving space on your keychain, this is a no-brainer. order yours here.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

the groggy girl's breakfast pizza

{what i'm eating now}

i normally spit in the face of recipes advertised as quick and easy. but today is a lazy day and lazy days call for lazy measures. i present to you, 
the easiest breakfast pizza ever:
1. oven to the highest it goes + pan with some olive oil set on the stove.
2. brush a trader joe's flatbread on both sides with olive oil.
3. top it with salt, pepper, tomatoes, cheese {manchego!}, sausage if you're ballsy/chicken if you're a pansy like me.
4. crack an egg onto the hot pan and remove it from heat after just a few seconds. {this is to ensure that the whites don't ooze everywhere}. put it on the flatbread.
5. bake for 15ish minutes, or until the clear part of the egg is all white.
6. finish with some olive oil, crushed red pepper, and basil {bonus points if the basil is from your windowsill herb garden}.
7. coffee. enjoy!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

there will be one day

when sundays begin at sunrise with a bike ride to the market for tomatoes and eggs and perhaps some berries. i will stop on the way home to pick wildflowers and pet the neighborhood dogs, but not for long because the breakfast cake must go in the oven! the espresso will brew and the eggs will poach and i'll dance to the punch brothers and iron and wine in my big fat sunny brooklyn kitchen. 
when my people arrive, we'll sit for hours and discuss time and meaning and sentiment. we'll stuff ourselves silly and laugh till we pee. we might even take a stroll or sit in the grass.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

care for some headshots?

the hungry part of me wants to stop sucking at headshots.
so let me practice on you and i'll charge you a cheap meal.
email me:
space is limited.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

yardbird {miami}

definition of heaven: with them, eating that.
nothing. nothing compares to a long, early evening meal with fabulous food, amazing friends, mustard cocktails, and natural lighting...
like the one a few days ago at
{in miami, not to be confused with 
it was one of those meals that was so good, it'd be worth trading my opposable thumbs for. because my friends are so great, they'd make up a brilliant way to make fun of me and then help cut my chicken. i'm so in love.
protocol for toasting during this trip was to say paradiddles instead of cheers, making everything about the trip a "business expense."
and, yes, that is a mustard effing cocktail. 
the porkchop citrus juice + apple cider + benchmark bourbon + dijon + thyme
i considered asking for extra mustard like i do with everything,
but instead i enjoyed it as it was meant to be. 
and it was not-too-sweet and refreshing and yummypants.
sel de mer's fatty miami fried green tomato counterpart was topped with pimento cheese and an unbelievable piece of melt-in-yr-potty-mouth pork belly. usually i write off pork belly as so 36 months ago, but not when it's this good.
veggie pot pie: an extremely respectable veggie option for a place called chicken.
left: rob does what percussionists do when they get wild/crazy.
right: alan laughs at him, or something else. 
it's hard to tell when everyone spends the entire meal laughing.
hearty & firm chicken biscuits with pepper jelly and pickley things.
you are the macaroni to my grayson, virginia cheese.

with my old roomie! and brian {of the tag, brian is numnums}

reason number two for why i'd move to miami is the freshness of the fruit and veggies. i'm no watermelon connoisseur, but i know when i die upon eating something. above are the melons & farm cheese which were unlike anything i'd ever had, texturally. an unoffensive crumbly cheese. and a crisp and juicy watermelon... formed an odd pairing that i am just now, in my tiny new york apartment, craving. which is the wrong place to crave that. but this one took thought and absence.
post dinner: eight grown men rolling around on the floor, violet beauregarde style, and one and a half asian girls nodding violently to the possibility of dessert.
bluebee crumble with corn ice cream.
yes, we want that.
complete success.
i'm even gonna use caps and bold to convey it:
the entire meal was simply nailguns. 
literally, paradise.
the memories of it can go in a little ball jar and sit on my desk now. 
i'll open it every time i need a good smile.

Monday, March 19, 2012


this morning i awoke from the dream that is miami in the spring time.
i was sunburnt and sandy,
a bit more chubby,
and happy as can be.
minus the sunburnt part, it was absolutely the greatest.
over the sometimes-rainy-but-usually-sunny past four days,
i spent time with some of my favorite people,
figured out my life plan,
became an expert kayaker {met a few dolphins in the process},
and took in most of my calories shortly before sunrise. bad, bad molly.
you know what it was? it was that stupid happy state that people get in when they're, like, in love-- i was as happy with my favorite people eating a prosciutto and fresh mozzarella croissant from sandwicherie in the wee hours of the morning as i was sitting in a car in traffic driving an hour to pick up two kegs of yeungling as i was watching that fantastic performance of turangal├«la.
i couldn't have asked for anything more except for my sunglasses that rob lost somewhere in the ocean. whatever! here's an embarrassing photo of him as payback:
it is officially time for detox week to begin.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


to do:
go to miami
eat sandwiches
sit on the beach
experience messiaen
maybe buy underpants
a.k.a. nothing
c u monday
{photos are from miami, 2010}

Sunday, March 11, 2012

this post is brought to you by the letter s.

cream cheese + pickled herring + apple horseradish
 steps from the subway
cream cheese + jalapenos + pickles
on smith street
and it was all super.
and it was succeeded by a studio party with so much bach.
sam played the chaconne. it was wondrous. 

Friday, March 9, 2012


sometimes i avoid brunch like the plague because all it is is waiting on really long lines, for all the same pancake stuff, and i'm either hungover or full from last night's lucky burger or both. 
but none of those things are true when mum is here!
hi, mum! oh hi, justit!
for when mum is here, we wake up early to avoid the lines and go to badass places like
{and of course, we're not hungover because mums don't do that}
it was mum's idea because since she read blood, bones, and butter
she can't shut up about the gabrielle hamilton.
it was super delightfully tasty.
my favorites were the carbonara {for breakfast!!} and the dutch pancake {which was thick and sweet and doughy, like a real cake!} and the potatoes that came with my eggs were such a highbrow brilliant hash brown. 
nothing needed more salt or pepper or anything because it was all so flavorful and fantastic.
well, the bloody mary needed booze. but that's not their fault, it's new york state's fault whatever. 
and it ended so happily, with a revival of the lost art of after-dinner mints in the form of black licorice. which normally i would have left, but something came over me and i really enjoyed black licorice for i think the first time and it was such a peculiar yet fabulous way to end a yummy brunch.
if prune was a person, i think i'd totally want to be her friend because she'd probably be one of those that plans beautiful tea parties and wears great dresses but also has a potty mouth.
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