Friday, June 29, 2012


all sealed up in my most favorite jar of memories are my tanglewood summers. summers that i spent admiring everyone around me, performing concerts that brought me to tears, running round barefoot in the berkshires, and spending all of my money eating at every single restaurant in little lenox. everything was new, caution wasn't totally in my vocabulary yet. time and again, wherever i go, i find myself trying to recreate the excitement and magic of those summers. 

slowly i'm learning that i'm not going to. not in that way. and that's exactly why those memories are so special.

{when i need it, i put on the adagietto and let the breath become sucked out of me as i watch teenage versions of craig, nathan, chris, and me dance in slow motion through the field by ozawa hall. that's about as close as i get.}


my past few days were spent in the berkshires, grabbing little bits out of my jar, and being so pathetically and wonderfully nostalgic. 

i ate a loebwich, my 2007 usual, the "leslie b no sprouts." i finished it with a raspberry jam cookie, the barely baked kind that i've only ever found at loeb's.

i drank a red bull because it was my beverage of choice in 2006, when whiskey was what the higher-ups would have called a grey box violation.

talked a lot of shop. shot the shit. received goosebumps in a percussion ensemble concert.

had a slice of betty's, a berkshire bagel, a bite of soco, and a dip in the stockbridge bowl.

fell prey to hundreds of mosquitos and embraced the inability for t-mobile to work properly anywhere in the vicinity.

i didn't want to leave, no way, i wanted to stay and continue the plunge into that mountain high that makes me so happy. 

alas, i've got a berlin-bound plane to catch.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

midsummer manifesto

cat call to your daddy
sip beer from a straw
order whatever you want to bring us
wait hours for a hot dog that is topped with foie gras
stick your finger in your nose
the finger with the brand new rock on it*
eat seconds and thirds of the grilled pineapple
read the book you think makes you look sophisticated
leave the concert early to watch five episodes of girls
sneak into the jelly fish exhibit 
remove your elbows from the table
apply hot pink lipgloss
embrace grayscale
f punctuation in the a

*stoop got engaged

chicago summer::::that is a wrap

Sunday, June 24, 2012

dubuque, between rests

1. dubuque does not look like this, this shot was taken en route from illinois because i have a thing for silos. dubuque is hilly and gorgeous and filled with cows. it is perfect for a really difficult run that prepares you for the amount of cheese in the average iowa partygoer diet; it is perfect for discovering a patch of ambition, dreaming up projects. the type of thing that city streets with honky taxis does not foster. 
2. & 3. host mum: molly, what do you like to eat?
me: anything but bananas, mushrooms, and seafood. i particularly love sampling local specialties.
host mum: oh, you know what you must try?
me: what must i try??
my head: local asparagus? corn? perhaps a pig from the farm down the road??
host mum: taco pizza from happy joe's!
so i ate the taco pizza. i enjoyed the taco pizza. i would totally eat again, that taco pizza. it is the answer to those times when i am eating a taco but am craving something doughy. taco stuff on pizza dough, get at that, rick bayless. 
4. {left} & 6. another dubuque specialty, mario's panzerotti. essentially a deep fried calzone. yummy, but easter island face inducing when i consider my poor tummy in the aftermath. 
4. {right} iowa people are boozy people in the best possible way. i began my days with whiskey in my coffee, ended them with all kinds of bubbly.
5. i caught a firefly on the summer solstice. 
7. so much talent, about to eat so much taco pizza.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

juilliard in june

i spent the past week in iowa with an amazing handful of my former schoolmates, rehearsing and performing the annual juilliard in june program {organized by michael}. it was a fantastic and beautiful week of new pieces, romping around rural parts, and sitting in plush chairs and drinking whiskey as the others serenaded me with schubert. 

most nights ended in lying on the grass, staring up at the stars.

lovely is an understatement. it was an entire week of holy-moly-i-do-this-for-a-living? topped with mayonnaise and tacos {but more on this later}.


Friday, June 15, 2012

et, recently

{1} mum's famous baked onion rings.
{2} summery steak bánh mì buns with sesame dipping sauce.
{3} ricotta + fig + rosemary toast.
{4} red velvet croissants, bbq pork croissants, other cracked out croissants, the reason i go to the gym. recipes will be in the summer violet.
{5} midnight mochi, of the black sesame variety.

sweet cheeses, i've been eating well. weeks like this make me forget that restaurants even exist. i mean, i can sit at home in my kitchen with no pants on and eat all of this yumminess? screw per se.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

iron & pinot

last year i discovered iron and wine and since then all i want to do is listen to that man on repeat tell me to please remember him and whisper his other no b.s. lyrics all honestly and calmly like he does. i want to be in his sound's world: barefoot on a candlelit porch in the woods, swaying and almost drunk. someone cover me with the pretty anthemic blanket.

over the weekend, jaclyn and luke and i had a little hummus and pinot picnic and then watched iron and wine perform at ravinia. it was absolutely lovely and beard-filled.


Monday, June 11, 2012

pizza & prosecco

the tradeoff of not being within a bike ride's distance of kesté and forcella is that i have the space to throw little backyard friday night pizza parties! and during a month when everything should be done outside, grilling pizza makes pizza night all the more sexy.

the menu:
{pineapple + jalapeño + mozzarella + black pepper + tomato}
{squash + ricotta + caramelized onion + arugula}
{mozzarella + tomato + fresh basil + garlic}

...all smokey, slightly burnt, and just perfect to share with friendsies.
oh and we can't forget dessert: frozen greek yogurt, mixed berries, and a slice of cookie cake.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

mia ballerina

{or, more accurately, mia tap dancer}
i finally put on real human clothes and stepped out of the house yesterday to go to mia's dance recital. it was fantastic! she shuffled and stamped and ball changed all the way to the congratulatory cookie cake that i made her :-) way to go , sis!

Friday, June 8, 2012

pie, mum

yesterday i woke up to the kitchen covered in little crumbly doughy pieces and onions flying everywhere. in the middle of it stood mum with the look on her face that george gershwin gets when he gets to go in the car. she was so excited because for the first time in her life she realized that making homemade pie crust is in fact not too difficult and way better than pillsbury. all you do is you crumble up butter and flour and blah blah blah pie crust yum!! i immediately went to work out in anticipation for what was about to come out of the oven. when i returned, the house smelled like passover {in the good, matzoh ball soup way} and there was a stunning lancashire cheese-and-onion pie sitting on the counter and together mum and i tore it apart. 

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