Wednesday, October 31, 2012

cheering up the neighborhood

holy buckets, i am lucky.

my entire neighborhood survived sandy with just a few fallen trees and leaves. no power outages, no flooding. everybody is safe. 

stoop's flight has been delayed a million thousand times, which means more culinary creations for me. additionally, her and i are now gilmore girls scholars.

yesterday we ventured out to survey the damage and support local restaurants. we also took our customary two stoops on a stoop photo, only all of the stoops were wet so it was actually a two stoops on the van leeuwen bench photo.


Monday, October 29, 2012

two stoops in a hurricane

stoop is obviously trapped here for an indefinite amount of time.

so in true stoop fashion we've thrown a curry party, a pumpkin/speculoos cookie party, a frittata party, and are now planning a dumpling party. everyone was invited but no one can get here, so it's just us, our respective plaid-wearing boyz, and roommate megan who is also wearing plaid. more dumplings for us, this militia household is not going to starve.

prior to the world ending though, we had such a lovely romp around the neighborhood! pretzel dumplings at talde, bougey greek yogurt at culture, bacon + maple syrup + smoked mozzarella + pecan pizza at brooklyn central. and the future mr. stoop got a black eye! what a man.

ok stoop's phyllo lesson is about to start.


Friday, October 26, 2012

taking cover

these two are coming to town.
if i don't die of silliness overdose, i'll see you all next week.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


a lobster roll,
a bánh mì truck,
a scotch egg/potsticker lovechild.
a guitar,
a song,
my wildest dreams in pocky. 
dollhouse playing,
secret telling,
cocktails lit on fire.
the kyle,
the micah,
the zaftigs monte cristo.
in one of my favorite places of all,
with some of my favorite people of all,
in boston, we had a ball!

Monday, October 22, 2012

this is me.

that's not entirely true.

this is me when i've had time to think about makeup* and spend an embarrassing amount of energy curling my hair. and i'm wearing my new glasses and my current favorite sweater. {part of this event is called convincing mum to let me get a perm and that purchasing these glasses was not an irresponsible idea because look at how happy these material things are making me.}

so in other words, this is me on a really good day conducting a social experiment called "trying to understand how there are people in the world who post photos on the internet of themselves every day without getting sheepish."

*while i have my fashion blogger pants on right now, and since no shame november is right around the corner, i will take this opportunity to tell you that i am newly in love with what is on my lips in the above photo: clinique's almost lipstick in flirty honey. i am obsessed. so go to the mall and buy stuff.

and to balance out this out-of-character bit on hair and makeup, i will now direct you back to my comfort zone of contemporary vocal music: roomful of teeth. their entire album is streaming for the week. listen, it is shocking. 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

it's the dishes equivalent to laundry day

so my oatmeal was made in a too-small measuring cup and then it exploded all over my microwave and i ate it with a spoon that's called "booby's best friend chika boom." {roommate grace, did you leave this behind?}

additionally, though i'm not one for culinary monotony, all i can do these days when i wake up is look forward to this oatmeal: 1/2 c quick cooking oats + 1 c water --> microwave for two minutes --> top with frozen berries + vanilla yogurt. 

the hot oats defrost the berries, the berries and yogurt cool down the oats. it's a win/win/win situation.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a love letter from late august

dear apartment number 2,

thank you for not judging me last night after dinner when i decided to make a semi-homemade turkey bacon hawaiian pizza on trader joe's pizza dough that was about to expire just so that i could have cold pizza in the morning. also thank you for not thinking i'm crazy when i imaginary asked you if i was adding too much pineapple. 

i love the way you make that sound when your dishwasher is on. it's soothing and earthy. it's a sound i've only ever heard at home, in chicago, so it makes me feel at home... and i love falling asleep to that sound.

i love your sun. 

and your other inhabitants, the way one has an instagram machine attached to his hand so that i can worry less about remembering to take pictures of my food, the way the other has impeccable taste in tea cups and pepper relish. 

you are the reincarnation of heath ledger. the mustard to my pretzel.



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

happy birthday, mum!

more and more i'm having those omg i'm turning into my mother moments.
like this weekend when nobody was allowed to leave my apartment hungry.
how just about every loaf of bread must be homemade,
and how nearly every condiment must be served in a ramekin.
the large amount of energy i expent this week on thinking about my hair,
the way that i'm slowly becoming intolerant of crowded spaces and long lines.

in preparing for the b.y.o.p. party on sunday, i must have said a hundred mum-isms:
let's wait to bake the bread until right before guests arrive so the house smells nice,
do we have enough donuts?
do we have enough whoopie pies?
please. take some pumpkin bread to go with you. do you have snacks for the plane tomorrow? take this, you're going to get hungry.

soon it's going to be,
do i have roots? 
has anyone seen my glasses? {when they're on my head.}

and you know what?? i'm ecstatic about all of this turning-into-mum business. because she's the bomb and she is wonderful in the goofiest funniest hilarious way. in the way that i can talk to her about anything and in the way that when she comes to visit she often brings an entire suitcase filled with homemade rugelach and pumpkin bread.

and today she turns one year older! which is a secret number, although if i told you you'd be like damn she looks younger than that.

happy birthday, mum!!!!!!



Monday, October 15, 2012

sundays in the fall

sundays in the fall are for bringing your own pumpkin {b.y.o.p.}
and making whoopie pies, pumpkin butter, pumpkin bread, and mulled wine about it.
they are for putting bacon on your caramel apples, and sea salt on them too.
...for forgetting to take pictures of the apple cider donuts and for remembering to add a handful of bacon to the dough.
{for shutting up about bacon but also not caring when something is so 2009...}
sundays in the fall are for old friends, new friends, and ones that show up after everyone else has left so you can bask in the hum of the dishwasher, sip on porkslap, and discuss plans for taking over the future. 
sundays in the fall are for gingerbread mustard and vermont friends appearing in the doorway with my favorite vermont mustard.

sundays in the fall, oh how i love you so. summer fridays, you've got some serious competition.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


a little story i did on oatmeal is in the fall violet, which came out today!

it includes recipes for baked marzipan oatmeal, carrot cake oatmeal, and sweet potato oatmeal, among a few others. it does not include recipes for meaty oatmeal, boozy oatmeal, or  squash oatmeal, contrary to what was once on the table.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

morning polenta...

looks a little pre-barfed, tastes a little pre-barfed, too.

but it's what happens when suddenly i have my mornings back with enough time to experiment at breakfast, and more importantly suddenly i haven't gone grocery shopping in weeks on account of my parents were in town and spoiled me with blue ribbons and brooklyn larders. so, yeah, it is just more about-to-go-bad vegetables and boxed polenta. hold the flavor or any sort of textural integrity.

you know, the breakfast equivalent to laundry day?

in other news, i'm going through a hair identity crises: dreadlocks, mullet, or bowl cut? anyone?


Monday, October 8, 2012

mum's visit, in food.

pig, three ways: after bacon-y polenta and pancetta bruschetta at al di la brunch {which i really can't get over}, we met a pig on a leash. i didn't even know that was legal, i said, ummm actually it's really common, said the pig mom all attitude like, oh ok well i just ate pig and i intend to eat more tomorrow and the next day and the next, imaginary me said.
rugelach: but obviously not better than mum's.
kind of like the best brunch i ever had: at miriam, and with schnitzel. that would have been enough, but challah french toast, shakshouka, and civilized political conversation added a little somethin somethin that defied my sometimes impression of brunch as being just a fun hangover activity. 
afternoon coffee + cake: olive oil cake and a caramel-y mini bundt from one girl. with a side of, please can you fill me in on my sister's wedding plans?
morningtime punkin bread, two ways: dog days closing pumpkin bread and thank-you-for-driving-me-to-rehearsal-through-all-that-new-jersey-traffic pumpkin bread. [fact: early morning baking with mum is the best beyond bestest best thing in the brooklyn.]

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