Friday, November 30, 2012


who is eggboy?
who does molly go on these gajillion mile bike rides with?
why is molly's smile so big these days that it looks like her face is going to fall off?

...are all questions i might ask myself if i didn't know myself and for some reason i read my blog. which isn't too wild of a concept because my stat counter thingy tells me that i sometimes have readers in brazil and i don't know anybody in brazil. so this letting-the-kitty-out-of-the-bag post is for my brazilian readers and anyone else wondering about the man in the flannel with the guitar. so here it is:

eggboy is my super special manfriend!!!!!!!!!!!

who am i kidding? it was kind of obvious. i was being a little mysterious about it before because "do you want to be a part of my internet presence?" is not a third date thing or a fourth date thing.
but now i am seeing why people show other people silly amounts of pictures of their cats because i suddenly have this desire to tell you about how eggboy does things like eat the crust off of entire loaves of bread so that i can have all of the doughy parts and how he makes music so pretty i cry and how he wore casio calculator watches before they were kind of cool. i know, it is totally mushy. i'll shut up.
but why is he called eggboy?
eggboy eats a balanced diet of three things: eggs, protein smoothies, and whatever i make him (unless it's polenta).
how did you meet eggboy?
at juilliard. occasionally we'd say hello in the cafeteria. once we had a conversation about the difference between skinny fat and fat skinny, another time we had a conversation about bikes. that was it though because then he went away... but a few years later he came back! and we've been oogly moogly kind of since.

get used to him because unless he dumps me or i feed him undercooked poultry (which i accidentally nearly did last night), he'll be making semi-regular appearances. but i promise, it won't be in the cat photo way.


it's his birthday today!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

shameless loves, by courtney

things that courtney loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

eating dehydrated marshmallows out of hot cocoa mix
gawking at dc tourists
watching tv show reruns on netflix
watching tv show reruns on netflix when i should be writing papers
writing fun lists when i should be writing papers
wearing bright, bold patterns in my legal office
wishing i could wear my moose leather moccasins in my legal office
mooses of all kind: stuffed animal mooses, bullwinkles mooses, cardboard mooses, and even real live mooses
making and freezing cookie dough for fun
electric blankets

thank you, courtney!
and a very happy no shame november to you!!


shameless loves, by bob

things that bob loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

jja jang myun, fried chicken
how comfortable pleated pants feel
realistic nonexploitative sex scenes from good movies
janet jackson, bon jovi, old school west coast hip hop
finding excuses to overdress
making an opentable reservation at a restaurant i'm already at in
order to collect points
refusing to use the oxford comma
buying dvds/blu rays then only watching those movies when they happen
to be on tv
addiction to football related shows
celebrities with musical talent
people watching

thank you, bob!
and a very happy no shame november to you!!


shameless loves, by blondie

things that blondie loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

going back to sleep instead of going for a run
running to terrible 90s and early 00s house music
seeing how long i can go before washing my hair
almost being caught pantsless by my roommate
eating chocolate chips out of the bag (but currently it's the peppermint bark chips from trader joe's)
trader joe's 99₵ macaroni and cheese
returning my ronnybrook milk bottles 
eating in bed (usually pantsless)
intentionally bumping into people staring at their phone while walking
giving dirty looks to undergrad couples in the library
occasions where i don't take pictures of my food
rocking out to my steve perry pandora station 

thank you, blondie!
and a very happy no shame november to you!!


shameless loves, by sam

things that sam loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

november being the second month of christmas-carol-listening, not the first 
having three opened varieties of caramel dipping sauce in the fridge
watching at least one episode of the x-files daily
frozen chicken pot-pies
still loving everything to do with harry potter
getting all of my umbrellas from lost-and-found bins
mulled anything
re-reading children’s books like winnie-the-pooh and the little prince instead of the brand new grown-up books that remain untouched on my shelf
gumballs. who doesn’t like gumballs?
laboring under the mistaken impression that writing to-do lists with those thin felt-tipped pens will make me get things done faster 

thank you, sam!
and a very happy no shame november to you!!


shameless loves, by christina

things that christina loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

going into sephora just to douse myself in the perfume that i already own that is at home but i don't feel like "wasting"
liking any and all clever facebook statuses, even if it's a person that i haven't talked to since 3rd grade
eating at least thirty almonds in one sitting (how can you eat just one?)
wearing a blanket around my waist as if it's a skirt because i refuse to turn up the heat in my apartment
hating on the gossip girl
following gossip girl from the very beginning to the very end
listening to christmas music 24/7 post-thanksgiving
sending the smiling poop emoji to everyone i know since i got a phone with emoji
putting cheese on anything and everything

thank you, christina!
and a very happy no shame november to you!!


shameless loves, by alexis

things that alexis loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

wearing my sunglasses as a headband.
ordering a pitcher of sangria and saying, "i'll only need one glass." economical, right?
using my practice room as a personal dance space, probably while dancing to "call me, maybe." 
pretending to be a concert pianist when i type on the computer.
pretending that my car has star power! when i merge onto the highway. also, i like to yell "star power!" when this happens.
asking for my cat's opinion when i get dressed in the morning. he's sassy without apology.
taking the elevator from 1-5 and then down to 2 so i don't get the judgmental stares that accompany taking the elevator one floor.
pretending to order food for two people when, honestly, it's all for me.
and always, always, always drinking my hot chocolate with chambourd and a can of reddi-whip next to me.

thank you, alexis!
and a very happy no shame november to you!!


shameless loves, by rhiannon

things that rhiannon loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

lifetime christmas movies, lifetime anything movies.
mint chocolate chip ice cream.
colin firth.
hogging my favorite treadmill at the gym, and the same bike in the front row of spin class.
filling other people's ice cub trays and brita pitchers.
scolding anyone for not having a fully charged phone.
saying "that's what she said." still. always.
martha stewart everything.

thank you, rhiannon!
and a very happy no shame november to you!!


shameless loves, by emily

things that emily loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

mom jeans. i say down with ultra-low-rise nonsense! some of us have freakishly high waists.
giving myself a full manicure with the sephora nail polish testers. top coat included.
grocery list: dark chocolate, "fancy muesli," gin. balance.
using my magazine job to haul in as much beauty swag as i can for "testing."
not stopping an underwear dance session when my neighbor looked through the window.
having crushes on at least a dozen celebrity ladies. beyonce, florence, alison brie (oh my!)
starbucks red cups. one sight of those babies and it's peppermint-mocha christmas mania.
batting my eyelashes to procure favors. 
extra pickles. no i mean like, extra extra pickles. yes, that's more like it. 
overusing commas.
reading three books at once.
using my roommate's maple syrup. girl totally stole my almond butter. 

thank you, emily!
and a very happy no shame november to you!!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


...because sometimes home isn't in chicago. it's in tampa, with cousins and aunties and machatunies, cooking and giggling all day long.


shameless loves, by katie

things that katie loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

leggings as pants... deal with my fat ass, world!
watching horrible shows on abc (like once & castle)
eating loads of that bean dip that is way too salty
not showering on sundays
anything with artificial cheese, particularly tostitos queso 
talking openly about my massive crush on sean connery 
packing lunches to work that resemble the exact things i had at lyon elementary school 
bringing spiked hot chocolate in to the movie theater  

thank you, katie!
and a very happy no shame november to you!


Monday, November 26, 2012

shameless loves, by mary

things that mary loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

wearing headphones as a headband.
gorging myself on chocolate snails and grilled cheese sammies on paleo cheat days.
gorging myself on chocolate snails and grilled cheese sammies on regular paleo days, too.
painting my nails essie "olé caliente" immediately before every performance.
rocking out to taylor swift radio at work.
ordering a tall-whole-milk-two-pump-kid's-temperature pumpkin spice latte and soaking in the stares.
wearing my minnetonka kilty suede mocs every day for every occasion. it's obviously why they come in so many colors.
eating homemade marshmallows with breakfast, because they aren't made with all that extra fake stuff, right?
telling the cashier at sephora i'm going to save my 1,276 beauty insider points for later.
mustard-based bbq sauce in easy mac. it's love.

thank you, mary!
and a very happy no shame november to you!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

secret pie

eggboy doesn't know it yet, but as soon as i post this, i'm gifting him this pumpkin pie that i baked in secret last night.

i've never really made a pie before. i've watched mum do it, i've watched stoop do it, i think i've watched the television do it, but i've never embarked on the magical pie journey that people make a big deal about. and when eggboy told me he'd be spending thanksgiving in the city and not in a kitchen making pie all day, i got real confused and nervous that he wouldn't have a homemade pie. so i made one.

and look how ugly it is!

i obviously need to work on this. {i used this crust and this filling, which were both tasty raw at least. it's my clumsy dough-shaping skills that caused the most trouble.}

but it gets ugly in your tummy anyways, so here, eggboy, here's your pie!

i am off to florida for the holiday...
happy thanksgiving!!!
enjoy your stuffings and families!!!



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

what i'm loving these days

florida. tomorrow. before hanging up the phone with me this morning, mum said "see you tomorrow!" that made me sooo happy. it has simply been way too long.

this trailer for dog days.

brussels sprouts. and buying them on the stalk and carrying like a baby all the way home. yesterday maria and i had them covered in parmesan at parm, tonight i'll be making them with rosemary and apples, and yesterday ashlee posted one of my favorite recipes.

mrs. meyer's clean day lavender scent. i'm noticing a pattern in all of the restaurants i love and that is that their bathrooms have mrs. meyer's lavender hand soap or room spray or a poop candle... i finally couldn't take it anymore so i, for the first time in my life, spent way too much money on hand soap and room spray. $10 for a poop candle though simply can't be justified... just don't poop in my bathroom, people.

yogurt cheese. my yogurt cheese affair began when i woke up once starving in the middle of the night. the only thing in the fridge was my roommate’s yogurt cheese. so i ate all of it. and then bought her another pack, which i am now eating all of. oops. also, it being yogurt makes it good for you, i think.

eating away sandy. this week donny bought dozens of sweets from the robicelli's, whose entire inventory was wiped out by sandy. donny obviously shared, and i got to indulge in an unreal sweet potato cupcake. 


Monday, November 19, 2012

recipe: cornmeal pancakes

the thing about having gfgfs and gfbfs {gluten free girl friends and gluten free boy friends} is that brunch is sometimes a real scary meal. especially in my family when it's not uncommon for brunch to mean cinnamon rolls with a side of bagels wrapped in pancakes after an amuse-bouche of scones. and french toast. and how about a quiche?

so i was real proud of myself yesterday afternoon when i flopped out of bed and managed to make some super yummy pancakes that simply happened to be gluten free.

ergo: i did not feel bad for eggboy, who is gluten free, when i used up the last of his smoothie berries and then proceeded to be a little cba about making him eggs. tee hee.
cornmeal pancakes
these are quite dense and cakey, like an actual cake that you've just made in a pan. they're best straight away, while they're still super hot. so none of this waiting for all of them to be done cooking business.

1 c corn meal
1 c corn flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp + a pinch salt
1/4 c white sugar
3/4 c milk
1 egg + 2 egg whites
2 tb vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp almond extract
butter, to grease the pan
optional: blueberries, jalapenos, chocolate chips... anything mix-ins you please

in a large bowl, whisk to combine corn meal, corn flour, baking soda, and 1/2 tsp salt. mix in milk, egg, vegetable oil, and extracts.

in a separate bowl, beat egg whites and pinch of salt until stiff peaks form. gently fold these into the cornmeal mixture.

melt butter in a pan over medium heat. pour in about 1/3 cup of batter for each pancake. drop in your mix-ins of choice. cook for a few minutes on either side, until lightly brown.

enjoy while you're still standing over the stove cooking the rest of the batter. 


Sunday, November 18, 2012

happy birthday, stoopie!!!

confession: i used to keep much better track of stoop's age when it was unclear who was older so that i could exclaim something to the effect of "you think i'm older? stoop is a whole 25 years old!" but now that she has shorter hair and a big giant rock on her finger i don't have to worry about much. except for my calculations, which, if they're correct, say that she is 27 today.


a lot is going to happen this year. she's gonna have to use four syllables when she tells people her age, she's going to--spoiler alert--receive a t-shirt from me with a whole bunch of front stoops all over it, and she's getting married!!!!

holy guacamole. i need a donut. 

happy birthday, stoopie!!!!!


Friday, November 16, 2012

shameless loves, by donny

things that donny loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

not showering for three {or more} days
ordering a drink named malibu, twice
listening to teenage dreams by katy perry on repeat
admitting to eating a shit load of meat on meatless mondays
falling asleep at 10pm and not waking up till 11am
totally getting on the train when people are still trying to get off
intentionally bumping into people that are getting on the train while i'm still trying to get off
telling people that i think brad pitt is a handsome guy
asking molly to bake/cook me food cause she's my half jewish mom

thank you, donny!
and a happy no shame november to you!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

scones with a side of tambourine

this morning i am having a big honking breakfast and studying carmina burana. i hope my little tambourine rolls aren't disturbing the neighbors. but then again, i'm pretty sure the little ones have gone off to preschool... and another neighbor plays the saxophone. 

this pumpkin scone leftover from a few weeks ago is almost as good after it has been frozen and thawed as it was fresh. note to self: buy more butter, make more scones. i'm afraid of putting marmalade on it though because marmalade-y fingers, i am sure, do not a good tambourine roll make. 

happy thursday, everyone! it's almost the weekend it's almost the weekeeennndddd!!!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a late fall playlist

for the soups and the stews,
the evenings spent indoors,
the thanksgiving treks,
and the start of marzipan season:
a little mix of my new favorites.

{overexposed soup}
best enjoyed by candlelight.

{1} i saw three ships :: sufjan stevens
{2} i should watch t.v. :: david byrne & st. vincent
{3} train song :: feist & ben gibbard
{4} courante :: caroline shaw/roomful of teeth
{5} city middle :: the national
{6} holy, holy, holy :: sufjan stevens
{7} conversation 16 :: the national
{8} you're an angel, and i'm gonna cry :: chris thile
{9} escape :: judd greenstein/nadia sirota
{10} ansa ya :: merrill garbus/roomful of teeth
{11} ice age :: david byrne & st. vincent
{12} where are the arms :: gabriel kahane

you may listen to it here.



Tuesday, November 13, 2012

shameless loves, by katie

things that katie loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

taking advantage of the fact that i am super quiet and it makes it easy to get people to do things for me.
pretending i'm a sophisticated movie star when wearing red lipstick.
eating seven pieces of pizza at one time and not feeling like i'm going to die. i love pizza.
having a crazy dance party to ke$ha and one direction when i'm alone. and singing all the words too.
wearing huge fuzzy multicolored socks everywhere because it is that darn cold.
making it a goal to not eat healthy til the new year starts just because i don't want to miss out on holiday treats.
saying i'm cleaning my room and actually reading hundreds of blog posts & watching friday night lights.
embracing messy hair. every single day.
mahogany teakwood candles that smell like a sexy man.
making a shameless loves list for the second year in a row. booyah.
saying booyah.

thank you, katie!
and a very happy no shame november to you!


Monday, November 12, 2012

the shameless life

do you guys remember in high school when it was semi-normal to kick off the weekend with a domino's pizza and breadsticks, and then not shower for three days and spend like 12 entire hours in front of your computer doing homework and talking about clothes on the a.i.m. while you drink out of the orange juice carton and listen to ben folds five? 

and then on sunday night you do everything in your power to hold on to every last single solitary second of the weekend?

yes, yes. that was this weekend. just about. substitute the a.i.m. for the twitter, the ben folds for the gabriel, the homework for the article on how to make jewy thanksgiving stuffing. 

add one night of successfully purchasing boardwalk and park place without going bankrupt, sipping marzipan hot cocoa that has been invaded by nougat, and listening to edith piaf on the radio, in front of the fake fireplace that used to belong to joe

top it off with 1 1/2 bratwursts and an assignment to watch all of the star wars movies. {i haven't even seen one full star wars movie. am i still your friend?}

happy monday, everyone!


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