Tuesday, January 22, 2013


on an extremely frigid cold morning {as many of them seem to be these days}, meg and i sat down in our sweaters for eggs and hot coffee and the perfect dilemma called what should we be when we grow up?

we were at rucola, a wonderful little neighborhood restaurant. it's the only storefront on its block of brownstones and i've been wanting to try it since i moved to the borough. oh, was it delightful in exposed brick and natural lighting and pretty bathroom glory! i had the squishiest, doughiest, most comforting breakfast sammie of the egg/mortadella/fontina/pistachios variety, and meg had a risotto cake hidden under a plate of arugula. how she didn't get that arugula stuck in her teeth, i will never know.



becca said...

prettiest, cheerfulest, most beautiful post ever.
you two are totally adorable.

and I love the new look of your blog!
simple and great.

from lara said...

hello! I just discovered your blog. it's so lovely! as a fellow brooklyn girl i can tell you I am totally OBSESSED with Rucola! You must go for dinner some time... the pastas are out of this world. :)

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