Thursday, January 24, 2013

this week i believe...

*that turkey bacon can and should be bought in bulk.
*that les noces grooves SO HARD. hard enough for capital letters.
*that free nights at home are for making pretty things with rubber stamps.
*that oatmeal with a scoop of jif accompanied by homemade potato chips with curry ketchup can be dinner. and a frozen cupcake can be dessert.
*that eggboy is pent up in his studio writing the hit song of the new-ish millennium.
*that wooden plates, bowls, and other kitchenware are my favorite.
*that speculoos on a chinese steamed bun is an asian fusion meal.
*that chocolate o’clock can happen two times in a day, but shouldn’t happen past four, lest it keep me from sleeping well.
*that unsubscribing from every coupon email list will give me a more dignified inbox.


{photos are from a post-rucola stroll with meg.}


mr. donuts said...

you have grown up to be such a beautiful woman

becca said...

chocolate o'clock ALWAYS happen right past four for me.

love this list. especially the part about the hit song.

Felicity Mozdzen said...

The photo above reminds me so much of the serviced apartments in central london we used to live in. It's just like a classic scene picked straight from a 50s movie.

Édouard Salmons said...

Love the picture of the building.It reminds me so much of the nyc apartment we had when I was a kid. Lovely photos!

Marion Cresswell said...

Beautiful pictures, both you and the building. If you are holding your DSLR, what camera were used to take these photos?

Ginger Reger said...

I thought the building itself looks so edgy, it feels as though a good venue for some memorable event, isn't? Surely, you enjoyed touring the place, I also want to visit the place, maybe some other time. Thanks for the good suggestion by the way.

Samuel Murray said...

Walking in these streets would be amazing. The establishments there are great and they have a lot to offer. Also, this is a place that you want live in 'cause of its ambiance, not to mention the peaceful environment that it offers.

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