Wednesday, January 30, 2013

what i'm loving these days...

the melon baller.
fage 2% with honey. mainly the chewy consistency of honey that's been refrigerated.
the cook's thesaurus.
the q train and all of its express qualities.  
this video about mochi.
watching 20 minutes of downton abbey each night.
this identity crises weather.
donny's personal.
the new tegan and sara {it's on the playlist!}.
toasted sesame oil. 
rearranging things.
dough that requires boiling water, it is cozy for your hands on a cold day.
lotsa vegetables at breakfast.
dreaming of ramp season.
planning my hanukkah/thanksgiving menu.


1 comment:

becca said...

hey lady, thanks for sharing my silly video! that was a happy surprise.

are you truly planning your thanksgiving menu? is there any way we can come for that?

I love these odds and ends. lifey, foodie stuff. the best kind.

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