Thursday, February 21, 2013


my favorite little ritual: every afternoon, whenever i want, i eat one piece of dark chocolate. it's called chocolate o'clock. i make sure i have plenty of chocolate at all times in case i have visitors during chocolate o’clock or in case if by some time/space continuum magic illusion dreaminess chocolate o’clock occurs twice in one day. which it does. often. and it's the perfect little bit of joy and caffeine to boost me out of any afternoon lull that may occur. 

lately i’ve been a sucker for mast brothers bars. their wrappers are so pretty and they often punctuate special occasions for eggboy and me: i like dropping them in his tip jars at shows, he got me the stumptown coffee one for valentine’s day, and there is no better way out of the dog house* than with a brooklyn blend in hand. {we also once spent a lovely afternoon tasting allllll of the chocolate at the mast brothers shop in williamsburg. i highly recommend doing this.}

*eggboy doesn't actually ever get placed in the dog house. or the puppy house. this is just a preemptive statement in case he ever, i don't know, forgets my three-quarters birthday. 

another favorite chocolate {for when i run low on mast brothers or if there haven't been any recent special occasions that warrant spending $8 on a bar} is trader joe’s stone ground chocolate. i loooove the grainy texture of it and the compact round shape.



Caitlin said...

i love that little ritual ;) chocolate o'clock is an adorable name for it. i have a similar ritual. i eat an apple at 3:30 every. single. day. for the past 7 years.

Ashlee said...

I keep dark chocolate in the pantry at all times. SO GOOD.

becca said...

beautiful things that taste amazing are maybe one of the three biggest joys in life.
I'm proud of you for making a special occasion of your treats. my sweets habits are too unruly even to name here.

nancy said...

Ooooh when we went to the States last year we tried Stumptown coffee - it was so damn good! Since coming home I've seen so much about Mast Brothers Chocolate, I want to tryyyyy!
P.S - I wholeheartedly support chocolate o'clock.

Jenn Kendall said...

i'm in love with chocolate o clock! i love the recommendations - definitely going to be stocking up on my chocolate supplies, i'm running low!

his little lady said...

That moving picture is my favorite! Love this post, and your blog!!
xo TJ

Dana said...

I want to have chocolate o'clock!! Too perfect!

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