Friday, February 22, 2013


-i've been craving zoog disney and a handi-snack.
-my meringue making skills have been elementary and embarrassing. it appears a successful/articulate enough meringue-for-dummies recipe is impossible and i think i should hire a personal meringue tutor. anybody?
-eggboy has decided that if he ever makes an oscar-nominated movie, employing the pope for his buzz race campaign would yield success.
-we've been really enjoying this lentil soup with sausage, chard, and garlic with kale instead of chard though because i haven't yet invited a chard into my home.
-our tea bar has been growing growing, mainly with oolong and chamomile from the lovely blue lady tea shop.
-peanut butter goes in errrrything. and i've been rather curious about trying pb2... {so that i can eat an entire batch of peanut butter blondies and feel less barfy?}
-i've been testing recipes for the new music bake sale!
-my subway rides have been making me want to move to a driving town where the only bad smells during my commute will be produced by me and the only weirdees yelling weird things during my commute will happen through the radio.
-can we skip purim and go straight to passover?
-on weekends i go to costco, at night i clean the kitchen: i am old people. and i'm kind of enjoying it. 



Yeji said...

I've also been obsessed with SK's sausage and lentil soup! And how funny, chard hasn't been invited to my house yet either so it's been just kale kale kale lately.

Caitlin said...

#1- chard is never allowed in my home. i truly despise that vegetable.
#2- i would eat solely peanut butter for the rest of my life if it was socially acceptable. if you try the pb2, let me know what you think. i've always been curious about it, too.
#3- i'm an old people, too. who cleans the kitchen, bathroom, and vaccuums the house on friday night and goes to the super market at 9 am on a sunday morning? this lady.


Angie's Recipes said...

Oolong is my cup of tea!! Drink it everyday. And yes to peanut butter!

Katie said...

"-i've been craving zoog disney and a handi-snack." you are my fave person.

Jacqueline Russo said...

Yeh! Thanks for the shout out - I hope you like the tea!! Your whimsy-ness makes me smile :-)

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