Sunday, February 17, 2013

MY NAME IS ________

natti vogel's fun weird songs appeared on the playlist for nemo and just last week i met him in person for the first time and nearly had to put my sunglasses on because of the head-to-toe skin-tight shiny gold getup he donned {and of course his shiny personality}. natti sings songs about things like unconditional love, brown rice, and brooklyn. if you're in the city, check out his upcoming shows at spectrum {feb. 20} and at the bureau of general services-queer division {feb. 28}.


natti: ling wang, styled by samantha sleeper
justin: amos mac
xi'an bean curd

p.s. this feature is inspired by bleubird vintage's want, need, wear, read feature. 
it is great. go look at it.

1 comment:

The Sketched Chef said...

Excellent post !
I really like his style of music

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