Sunday, February 24, 2013

MY NAME IS ______

usually when you see someone pee on stage every day for a couple of weeks you're like oh i'm going to remember that girl as the girl who peed on stage. but not with lauren worsham. her mad singing skillz are mad enough to conquer any sort of pee-related reputation and turn it into a real awesome one. we met during dog days {where she totally killed it} and this week she is performing in an 80s-style turn of the screw at b.a.m. check it out everyone, i bet it is going to be tiiiight {also krescendo is right near b.a.m. so eat garlic knots and then go see some screw}.


center: kristin hoebermann
sky-pony: esty stein

1 comment:

Mackenzie said...

whaaaat?! 80s themed turn of the screw?! i am dead. gahd, i wish they had something as nerdy and cool as that in boston.

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