Tuesday, March 12, 2013


march is not a real month until shamrock shakes have been achieved. {once mum and i demonstrated this with a bunch of selfies taken in the parking lot of an illinois mcdonald's.} so when eggboy asked "what is a shamrock shake?" i got all startled because i really just don't think it's ok to not have ever had a shamrock shake. i was also confused because he has all these fond memories of going to mcdonald's when he was little... but i do remember hearing somewhere that not all mcdonald's sell shamrock shakes. which is so dumb. anyway, this morning we walked in the rain to three stores before we found just the right ice cream {soy ice cream sweetened with fruit because eggboy fears processed sugar} and then while he strum strum strummed away at his guitar, i ferociously recalled the chapter in my photography book on not sucking at taking pictures of ice cream. and the shakes were wonderful! eggboy-friendly {free of dairy and tons of processed sugar} and human-friendly {no icky artificial mint or green coloring} and they are like a splagillion times better than the ones from mcdonald's. i'm not just saying that-- the fresh mint is completely something else.

so go blend up milk, ice cream, and mint, and have yourself a very merry st. patrick's day.



Caitlin said...

yum girl! i'm sure it's a bizillion times better than those awful mcdonald's version.

i had a shamrock shake ONCE when i was 15, right before i shunned process sugar. i feel like they weren't around when i was younger..

becca said...

these look awesome! minty and green and full of good things and free from everything I don't want!

thank you (and eggboy)

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