Wednesday, March 20, 2013


this week two beings in my immediate family celebrate a birthday: mia is 7, george gershwin is 6. 7 years ago today i watched mia gracefully exit the womb and somehow got it all on camera. and a year and a little while after that, a fluffy ball of dreadlocks tumbled into my home in illinois for a life of playing, eating shoes, and regularly being called some variation on the most annoying word not in the english dictionary: rasta-dog. 

it is weird that i've been watching from afar as they grow til tall and every day i wonder if, now that i'm out of school, it's worth it to still be in new york and not where they are.

luckily i'll be going home this weekend for {among other things}: lou malnati's, stoopie's bachelorette party {i've never been to one of those, should i be scared?}, delivering american girl stuff to a birthday girl, eating doggie sherbet with a birthday boy, making one million macaroons for passover, and hopefully judging at the big mustard competition.

happy birthday, mia and george gershwin!



sophie said...

lou malnati's! jealous jealous jealous.

Lisa said...

What is this little goat dog?!

becca said...

yay yay yay! I forgot about George Gershwin (please forgive me?) but he is styling and not rasta. Poor guy.

Have so much fun in Chicago! the bachelorette parties I've attended have been quite calm and involved nice things like tacos and dainty underwear, but I've heard they can get wild. Enjoy it!

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