Monday, March 11, 2013


in the weekend, we pretended it was spring when we ran around the park and then over to the greenmarket.
we avoided the internet for a full 24 hours and regained our imaginations.
there was kale and bacon pop-tart baking, pottery painting, and plenty of strolls through town. 
i acquired lots of jars which marked the beginning of a grain library and a pickle hobby.
eggboy sang eggman and the next morning featured andy griffith and barney fife.
add one embarrassing game of scrabble where i picked all of the x's and eggboy all of the e's, some civil wars, and tea with the queen
and yes, i'd say it was really quite a lovely few days.



becca said...

these weekend posts are the best. you guys fill your days with such beautiful food and time spent making good things.
(and that grain library looks so interesting. what is it??)

here's to so many more!

Mackenzie said...

kale and bacon poptarts?! i must know more, please.

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