Thursday, April 4, 2013


ingredients for the perfect pickle party
1. awesome fun people who like to pickle just as much as you and preferably have more experience than you or just more twitter followers that can answer questions like "do we really need to sterilize these jars?" unless you are a pickle master. in my case, my perfect pickle partners were donny and howie.
2. like, a shitton of kosher salt, jars, vinegar, and patience.
3. the national and andrew byrd pandora stations.
6. a direct line to eggboy's grandma who is apparently more a pickle master than everyone in brooklyn combined.



Nicole said...

This is so awesome!! I saw those pickled eggs at the Fresh Exchange and immediately wanted to try. Goood for you for taking it to the next epic level. Ever watch Portlandia? We can pickle that!

becca said...

so impressive. I know people just make pickles out of things every day, but it's baffling and magical to me still.
a party all about magic, and food! glorious.

naira said...

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