Tuesday, April 2, 2013


actually that title is not complete because it should be more like what i look like when i eat a schnitzel after i've spent all morning curling my hair and painting my nails and then i step out into 100% humidity. but i like how they turned out because ultraclay took these and he is a photographical wizard.

these shots were taken for blondie and brownie's book, new york a la cart: recipes and stories from the big apple's best food trucks, which officially comes out today!!!!

obviously they were shot for the schnitzel chapter which--i think--includes the recipe for one of my most favorite schnitzels in the city, from the schnitzel & things truck. i haven't gotten my copy yet, but i must do so by tomorrow when i see those lovely ladies and beg them to autograph it for me :-)

also for the record i think only the second shot made it into the book. my blue nails are famous!!

everyone buy this book. blondie and brownie are wonderful.


1 comment:

becca said...

you're famous! and you're famous doing something you really should be famous for!
I want to see that book! it sounds incredible!

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