Thursday, January 31, 2013


a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen,
eggboy is playing the trombone,
and the calories off of a red rubber spatula do not count.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

what i'm loving these days...

the melon baller.
fage 2% with honey. mainly the chewy consistency of honey that's been refrigerated.
the cook's thesaurus.
the q train and all of its express qualities.  
this video about mochi.
watching 20 minutes of downton abbey each night.
this identity crises weather.
donny's personal.
the new tegan and sara {it's on the playlist!}.
toasted sesame oil. 
rearranging things.
dough that requires boiling water, it is cozy for your hands on a cold day.
lotsa vegetables at breakfast.
dreaming of ramp season.
planning my hanukkah/thanksgiving menu.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

prime meats

this is what a perfect little lunch after a perfect snowy stroll through adorable carroll gardens looks like. that there pasta is a fancy schmancy version of what a fictional austrian version of me would have housed in lieu of mum's mac & cheese on a regular basis during the great growth spurt of year 11. gruyère + spätzle. hello, thing-that-i-would-normally-feel-guilty-about-eating-but-am-not-because-you-have-a-fancy-name-that-contains-an-umlaut. and the bacon? i hate to break it to you, every slice of bacon that might be reading this, but the bacon at prime meats was *wait for it while i re-consider all the other bacons i've ever had* the best bacon i've ever had. it was so thick and crunchy and crumble/melt-in-your-mouth-y. the calories don't count because they were pre-burned off on the walk there.

meg {wore amazing earrings} and had the burger. i was too taken by my bacon to ask to sneak a bite {!} but, my, did it look good, i may have to get one next time.

also included in my first prime meats experience: great sinus-clearing sweet mustard + great service. 

i am an immediate fan of this place. i will surely need to try it for dinner soon.


prime meats: 465 court street, at luquer street. carroll gardens, brooklyn. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

this weekend

this weekend i did not shower at all and i did not put on makeup. it was a perfect few days for alpaca socks and brussels sprouts and morning bok choy. most of my time this weekend was spent in the kitchen making dumplings and scallion pancakes. but i also got out a bit, mainly to find myself at the heaven-on-earth that is kalustyan's where i bought matcha green tea powder and hickory smoke powder and the kind of sugar you need for liège waffles. smokey pearl sugar cupcakes anyone?? this weekend eggboy sang the beatles to me in my newly made over room, and i purchased the most perfect little tea party tray from ikea. {oh yeah, we had a friday date to ikea!} this weekend i got into the valentine's day spirit, i brewed eggboy his first cup of coffee in a very long time, i discussed gangnam style over the internet radio, and roommate patrick had really wonderful pit stains.

{this weekend was, i'd say, quite perfect.}


Friday, January 25, 2013

a recipe round-up.

{and a little window round-up, too.}
this week saw its fair share of atrociously embarrassing meals {cheeze-its in bed. frozen cocktail quiche. straight up spoonfuls of speculoos. things that if mum knew about them as they were happening, she'd probably fedex me a braised something asap.} but there were also some meals that made me so much closer to the martha stewart/my mom-type that i hope to one day be. they were so yummy and perfect for this cold weather. so while i didn't write any recipes to post this week, here are some that i recently tried and loved:

shakshuka: a super comforting israeli dish where you poach some eggs in a vegetable-y tomato sauce.
scallion pancakes: it's what's for lunch when you need to use up a gazillion scallions.
chicken and apples: it's what's for dinner when you buy chicken and apples at costco and get scared that you won't be able to use them all.

and here are some recipes that i hope to make soon:

pastrami hummus: i mean...
sauteed purple kale and charred shallots with a fried egg: i'll make almost anything that calls for an egg on top.
moroccan chicken and lentils: eggboy bought a ten pound bag of lentils. help.

happy friday!!

photos, top to bottom:
flowers in the kitchen,
gretchen in her new corner,
the window in the bathroom.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

this week i believe...

*that turkey bacon can and should be bought in bulk.
*that les noces grooves SO HARD. hard enough for capital letters.
*that free nights at home are for making pretty things with rubber stamps.
*that oatmeal with a scoop of jif accompanied by homemade potato chips with curry ketchup can be dinner. and a frozen cupcake can be dessert.
*that eggboy is pent up in his studio writing the hit song of the new-ish millennium.
*that wooden plates, bowls, and other kitchenware are my favorite.
*that speculoos on a chinese steamed bun is an asian fusion meal.
*that chocolate o’clock can happen two times in a day, but shouldn’t happen past four, lest it keep me from sleeping well.
*that unsubscribing from every coupon email list will give me a more dignified inbox.


{photos are from a post-rucola stroll with meg.}

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


on an extremely frigid cold morning {as many of them seem to be these days}, meg and i sat down in our sweaters for eggs and hot coffee and the perfect dilemma called what should we be when we grow up?

we were at rucola, a wonderful little neighborhood restaurant. it's the only storefront on its block of brownstones and i've been wanting to try it since i moved to the borough. oh, was it delightful in exposed brick and natural lighting and pretty bathroom glory! i had the squishiest, doughiest, most comforting breakfast sammie of the egg/mortadella/fontina/pistachios variety, and meg had a risotto cake hidden under a plate of arugula. how she didn't get that arugula stuck in her teeth, i will never know.


Monday, January 21, 2013

brunch with the boys

over the weekend, brian and cutlet came for one of those long, lazy, highly caffeinated brunches that i crave each and every day of the week. it was so nice to see brian, who had come in from out of town for the week. and also of course it's always a treat with cutlet, who had come allll the way from queens. the morning reminded me of sunday mornings during the college years when we'd sit around the practice room sign out sheets, comparing notes on hangovers. only this time we were basking in the sun and marginally more sophisticated.

the menu:

veggie quiche with sweet potato hash brown crust*
maple syrup with a side of bacon
black coffee x a bazillion septrillion

*to make the crust, shred 1 1/2-2 sweet potatoes, mix with about 3 tablespoons of melted butter, an egg, and salt and pepper to taste. firmly pack the mixture on the bottom and around the edges of a cake pan and bake at 450 until it sets (15-20 minutes). substitute this for the crust in your favorite quiche recipe!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

i once was lost but now i am found.

a dozen smiley, colorful, loving little eggs from song away farm were gifted to me last monday by a new coworker friend. all week long they have been my adorable baby muses, receiving the fabergé treatment complete with a perfect morning photo shoot on a just-cloudy-enough day.

i first cracked into a medium-boiled greenish blue beauty and then lost myself all dreamy like in the nutty, sweet flavor. no salt or tabasco necessary.

then i made a scramble a là-ish jean georges in that delightful dog slobber way and topped it with just a bit of charcoal salt for some fun color. 

a shakshuka dinner and a cobb salad later, i am down to but two little song away eggs. i may slow poach one, i may preserve one, i may just marry one and get it over with.

i love these little guys!


Thursday, January 17, 2013


a morning photographing meg is a morning well spent.
her apartment is like a real-life anthropologie ad and her smile is like a good shot of espresso. 
i've been a fan of her blog for years,
and while we overlapped for a bit at juilliard,
it wasn't until we found ourselves as fellow brooklynites that we finally got together and made our plans for taking over the world...


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

recipe: semi-homemade gluten-free fennel flatbread

semi-homemade gluten-free fennel flatbread.

with the exception of "flatbread" those are all words i never ever thought i'd really say. but then i met a fennel at the grocery store and eggboy decided to really really be no-exceptions gluten-free. so here i am, coming down off of the vibe-off that mr. fennel and i had every time i opened the fridge since i took him home, freakishly googling what the f to do with the rest of him and covered in bob's red mill gluten-free pizza crust mix. it happens, apparently.

you could say i was inspired by the fennel-y finocchio flower power pizza from krescendo that changed my life in extraordinary ways. martha stewart also gets credit for having this snazzy list of shit to do with fennel, which includes the idea to caramelize it. which i love doing. caramelizing might be one of my favorite hobbies, it makes the house smell so pretty and you get a slap on the wrist if you try to rush through it. 
anywho. i really don't know why i titled this post "recipe" because this isn't a recipe. it's more of a list of things to top your pizza dough with. here it is:

olive oil
sea salt
one onion + one fennel bulb, caramelized in harmony
italian sausage
black pepper

for the record, i feel naughty about semi-homemaking something.


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