Friday, March 29, 2013


on my flight back from chicago i didn't have a book because i had just finished the book thief and hadn't gotten into a new one yet, so i played with my new favorite app, paper, which is this fun drawing/water color thingy. i basically dreamt up a bunch of sandwiches that are not allowed on passover because this year i thought it would be an interesting experience to keep kosher for passover, which i don't normally do. so far it hasn't been that difficult (having a gluten-free manfriend helps). except this morning my cupboards were bare-ish and one of my only options was a bacon jam matzo sandwich. oops. oh and then today chris is bringing homemade hot cross buns to a thing and i really cannot wait to eat one. 

*pause while i do some research about whether or not i will be disqualified from birthright if i blog about bacon on my matzoh*

(ok, we're in the clear.)

in other news, i have officially swapped out my puffy coat for my lighter spring jackets, i am currently in the market for a new molly mobile, sigur ros is on the radio, and i am furiously drafting what i will say when i officiate stoop's wedding in two weeks.


Thursday, March 28, 2013


it's matzo brei season which sounds so much better and couth than calling it no-bread-allowed season. matzo brei in its sartorial form is sort of like that vintage fur coat you found at the salvation army: while you're in the store, buying it is a no-brainer, but then when you leave the store it's like what the hell do i do with this now? it's because no one in their right culinary mind eats matzo brei when it's not passover (why do that when you can have a hole-in-the-middle?) but when it is passover it is the best thing evarrrr. 

here's how mum makes it:

mum's matzo brei
makes 2 servings, but you can easily adjust this by keeping a 1-to-1 ratio of eggs to pieces of matzo and then feeling out the rest of the ingredients. 

4 pieces of matzo
4 large eggs
salt + pepper to taste
2 tb olive oil
1 large shallot, chopped

1. break up matzo into two-inch pieces and soak in cold water for one minute. drain and set aside.
2. in a medium bowl, whisk eggs. add salt + pepper and whisk some more.
3. stir the matzo into the eggs.
4. heat olive oil in a pan over medium heat and add shallots. cook until soft, about five minutes.
5. pour in matzo mixture and cook as if you were making scrambled eggs. mum removes it from the heat just before it sets so that by the time it makes it to the plate, it is perfectly done.
6. add more salt + pepper if needed and serve with hot sauce.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013


last week, after a wonderful morning of surprise visitors bearing chocolate croissants and coworkers bearing home-brewed honey liqueur, i schlepped up to spanish harlem to photograph the last thing i'd ever expect to find in spanish harlem: a macaroon man that makes--mum, cover your ears--the best macaroons i ever damn had. they were so good and chewy and gooey and moist and amazing and on the way home i told myself "self, you will not open the bag of macaroons that the nice macaroon man gave you to bring home to mum, you will not," but i did. i opened the bag of macaroons that the nice macaroon man gave me to bring home to mum and i ate the one with chocolate on it {chocolate o'clock had not yet happened that day anyway}. oh it made the long long ride home so much better. 

go check out more photos of danny macaroons in this slideshow on jew and the carrot. there you'll also find danny's recipe for rice pudding macaroons!



ok hi, hi!!! i'm back from a stupendous long weekend home of little lunches around my favorite suburban restaurants, george gershwin being camera shy, finally finding a dress for stoop's wedding, and stoop obviously getting drunk at brunch.

oh and then johnswik, my future brother-in-law, rolled in to sing: when i say afi, you say komen. it only took (formerly little, now really tall) jake about two hours to find it. i think he won a high five?

being home was just so much awesome stillness, like sitting on the couch and watching girls and spending five hours in the spice shop with mum smelling every single spice thrice and painting my nails purple and watching melissa down a robicelli's cupcake on the television with katie and jaclyn while we drank cider. nothing i'd ever be able to do in new york without feeling guilty for not being at this album release show or that new opera or catching up on my new yorker. 

and so now i'm back and pondering my existence as a half-way to new yorker brooklynite and mostly i just want to be eating kale in the kitchen with mum as she brushes gracie's teeth. oy vay. 


Thursday, March 21, 2013


plane food: it's what i loved more than mum's cooking for an embarrassingly long portion of my life. when i was 6ish i ate four united airlines omelettes en route to los angeles, and now my most prized dishes are little rectangular white plates that were used on delta flights {i found them at a salvation army and gasped when i looked at the bottom and saw the delta logo}. these days when i am on a flight and hungry i am just plain bitter as shit. so i'm planning ahead for this weekend when i fly home. i know i know, it is like a less-than-two-hour flight and i will have lou malnati's waiting for me when i land, but i get a kick out of this stuff so humor me, maybe?

the criteria to fit if one is to be a "perfect plane snack"
-packaging is resealable or individually wrapped
-not messy
-not perishable {no stinky rotting anything allowed}
-healthy and not too heavy {no pooping allowed}

1. freeze dried strawberries: for a long time i perused the dried fruit section at tj's, disappointed at how many items had added sugar. these are just strawberries, and a lot of them! i will take that vitamin c and raise you a small toddler. 
2. kale chips: these puppies are more crack than a cheeto and zero oil or artificial things and even better than homemade kale chips.
3. dry roasted unsalted almonds: basic, exactly what it says. i wanted salted but eggboy said i already had a lot of salt in the basket. and also i couldn't find any cute individual bags of the salted ones.
4. teriyaki turkey jerky: this stuff is so tasty and packed with protein. they're the token chewy snack of the bunch, for some textural variety.
5. dark chocolate nibs: just because you're on a plane does not mean you can skip chocolate o'clock

ok let me know if i forgot something on this list. 

happy flying to me! see you next week.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


while the city nursed its st. patty's day hangover, i toured around with a little group on the museum at eldridge street's passover nosh & stroll. it was so lovely! we learned all about jewish history by way of food on the lower east side, ate the hottest horseradish, and the freshest matzo {right off the conveyor belt!}. see more photos in a little slide show on the jew and the carrot!



this week two beings in my immediate family celebrate a birthday: mia is 7, george gershwin is 6. 7 years ago today i watched mia gracefully exit the womb and somehow got it all on camera. and a year and a little while after that, a fluffy ball of dreadlocks tumbled into my home in illinois for a life of playing, eating shoes, and regularly being called some variation on the most annoying word not in the english dictionary: rasta-dog. 

it is weird that i've been watching from afar as they grow til tall and every day i wonder if, now that i'm out of school, it's worth it to still be in new york and not where they are.

luckily i'll be going home this weekend for {among other things}: lou malnati's, stoopie's bachelorette party {i've never been to one of those, should i be scared?}, delivering american girl stuff to a birthday girl, eating doggie sherbet with a birthday boy, making one million macaroons for passover, and hopefully judging at the big mustard competition.

happy birthday, mia and george gershwin!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013


curry and coconut go together like the ondes martenot and an orchestra: a little bit unusual and totally wonderful. and that was really just a lame attempt at a relevant analogy since i am seeing a concert of messiaen tonight and couldn't be more excited. the idea for these came from all that delicious curry with the coconut milk in it and they are the perfect passover dessert. 

curry coconut macaroons

2 cups sweetened shredded coconut
1 teaspoon curry powder
1 large egg white
a pinch of salt

preheat oven to 350. in a small bowl combine coconut and curry powder. in a large bowl beat the egg white and salt until stiff peaks form. gently fold the coconut into the egg white. spoon onto a prepared cookie sheet* and bake 15-20 minutes, until golden brown.  

*i use an ice cream scoop since i like mine big, but you can use a smaller scoop if you'd like. if you do this, check the macaroons after 10 minutes because they will take a shorter time to bake. 


Monday, March 18, 2013

MY NAME IS ______

in high school, when i first heard the name and music of nico muhly i immediately hatched the ultimate plan to go to school in new york, find him, and marry him, so that i may be called molly muhly. i could have an awesome alliterate name and it's about time would have been my jam all day every day. short story shorter it didn't happen, yet i did break my squid-eating virginity with him just the other day. {and it's about time was the opening of my senior recital.}

in many ways i am inspired by nico: not just by his music, but also by his use of language in his blog and twitter feed and real life. it's original and gets the point across. he also has bulk amounts of great energy. so it's for these reasons that i've made him the first subject of the manhattanites in march subsection of the my name is _____ feature:

hear // everybody has to buy nadia sirota's album baroque which i have some pieces on and which is a very beautiful thing.
see // i am wildly looking forward to planetarium at BAM [this week!]. we're also doing it in l.a. as part of a "brooklyn festival" and i feel like an impostor because i've been to l.a. more times than i've been to brooklyn. 
eat // i just made a huge pile of ravioli. i'm a lazy shit so i bought sheets of fresh pasta from piemonte on grand street but made the filling out of ricotta, lemon zest, broccoli rabe, and a mash't potato.
don't // don't iron your hair in the dark or you will end up with a fucked up harry potter scar.


nico: matthew murphy

Saturday, March 16, 2013


and it appears that i am at juilliard one hour earlier than i needed to be for teaching the kiddies. oops. i think i was on too much of a roomful of teeth live at spectrum high to think straight. so this morning it is all about less coffee than i need, lana del rey {??} and planning a lesson on minimalism, which i think will be appropriate, as these youngsters are about the age that i was when i fell in love with steve reich. i think. 

sadness is only that this hour could have been used for running/strolling to the greenmarket with eggboy and purchasing this amazing kale we found last week but not before tossing around a tennis ball in prospect park. it will wait until later, just before donny's birthday play time and just before before maria's recital. 

it's going to be a sweet saturday, garnished with violin and phasing.


Friday, March 15, 2013


pi day is for jewish mothers and mathletes-in-past-lives to expose themselves shamelessly over {in descending order from favorite to least favorite}:

a) homemade (better than the real thing) momofuku crack pie
c) eggpie (or, quiche)
e) gluten-free/sugar-free/eggboy-friendly sweet potato pie

ad-lib talk of ponies, percussions, and many other things brought to us by the letter "p."


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